YELLOW 2012, never have a chance to wish all my readers a HAPPY NEW YEAR because i went HongKong for countdown and gotta back to work after the trip. Socalledlife. One thing about NYE in HK is that people coming out to gather on the street with either their families or friends just to countdown together. For me, I avoid crowds if i were at HOME. But, it was NEW to experience people squeezing like sandwiches walking on the street. Boyfie's family and I have had to walk all the way to the hotel as the main roads were all blocked. NOTFUN!
So where have you guys went during NYE? Party rock in the club, gather at friend's house, spend time with families, or simply sleep away the 2011? 

Anyhow, i'm gonna jump my topic to 2011 HENNESSY ARTISTRY HALO happened at The Mines 2 months back. *HIGH 5 FOR THOSE WHO STILL READING IT EVEN THOUGH IS OVERDUED*
Did a light make up that night. Lashes weren't that thick, eyeshadow was too light to be seen. To be improved. ( ̄ p  ̄)

My huannie boy

He was carrying the Fox Tail that night, pweeewiit ~(  ̄ c ̄)y

The happening crowd for HA!


First come, party queen babe Liza.

With the gorgeous ever Jennifer Foh.

I find myself looked like a kiddo standing beside her ╮-____-)╮

Then I bumped into thisssssss! ( Φ ω Φ )

Oppppsss, I mean I bumped into Jac!

Jac and me with my "CHOK" face!

Jac's girls, Kimie and Doreen.

Jacklyn and Janie love.

Twins-tower ( Jane and I) with shorty babe Jac.

Liza, Me, Janie, and Jac.

Of course, long-time-no-see Samie babe was there too! <(  ̄▽ ̄)╮

Pretty girls rocking HA!

S and J.

Sweetie Bell, Samie's friend *feel so sorry to forget ur name*, and Samie.

Spotted April there too. Girl, you are way too fair, way too fair.

Me envies her fairness and flawless skin.

Samie, Samie's girlfriend and April.


Say hello to my new cutie Wei Ni. *waves*

Me and Ashely~


'HOLD ON", understand?

Another gang of hot chics.

Couple John and Wei Ni with Ashley.


Miao's CHOCK face with Ksubi shades.

Atm, he was not my boyfriend ( ̄□ ̄|||)

Teeehee, Natalie Saw! Good to see you.

Love this picture

Girls girls girls.

Nat, Ash, and Miao.

Nat, Chong Meng and Yee Ma.

Dressing HOT, my J.

Both mua loves

Adorable Heleness.

Helen with Bella.

With Jane.

More more more...

Sweetest couple, J&M.

Miao's unready shoot.

He with Junees.

Ending my post with Huannie's boy thwart facial expression. ( ′▽`)
This year HA wasn't that good as compared to last year. Though the sound system improved and the space was much bigger, the performance was at so-so level. Recalled Park Jung Min singing "Fairytale" by Michael Wong, and Landy Wen singing "Silly", I was stoned.
Why HA organizer would want to have love songs performing during the event? If the organizer want HA to be like a K-box, I'M TOTALLY WITH YOU! But, please find someone better next year, I'm expecting it so do others. Indeed, I think 2010 Da Mouth was great.
Anyway, ze best part of the event was the time Yolanda Be Cool and Goldfish & Blink performing. The songs playing were awesome and bringing the whole ambience to the peak.
Hope 2012 Hennessy Artistry will be better, xoxo.