After Chap Goh Meh's celebration, have you all mustered your spirit to get back to work? If you're not, better do so. There's no more honeymoon although I wish to have more. Missing the time when I was studied. Sigh :(
This post will continue my HK-MACAU TRIP. 
Overnight at Macau for one day and we were back to HK the next morning. 

Our stoned faces.

Vitasov to wake me up.

First stop, Ocean Park. 
The place is bigger than I thought. (° ο°)~

Grandma and grandson. 


Went to check out the cute Panda. His name is An An.

Too cute. 

Irresistible cuteness. \\(∩ ω ∩)//

Bryan and his love-at-first-sight toy. 

Decided to have our lunch settled here. They actually have many restaurants with different themes just like HK Disneyland. 

Then we went to visit the aquarium. 
Nemo nemo nemo ╮(╯▽╰)╭

Bryan first time in-touch with starfish.

Interesting knowledge.

Fish fishes fishy.

One kind of seahorse which looks like seaweeds.

Meaningful words.

Waiting for the train to travel to another side of the theme park.

While waiting....

Lovin mua outfit, especially the beani

Here comes to the musical band before the dolphins and sea lions show. Didn't manage to capture any picture or videos using my cam, but only in my Iphone. >▂< So stay tune in my insta for more dolphins pichas.

Before the show begins, we camwhored as usual (⊙▽⊙)'''

After the show, we went for the safest thing to play - Ferris Wheel. COWARD ME!

The view from the top.

Happy marry-go-round time (/≧▽≦/) 

We did play others games at the amusement park and stayed up for the 360 degree video water screen show.

We were all worn out after spending the whole day in Ocean Park, but hunger has to be cured.
Had awesome steamboat at Harbour City.


Deco outside the mall. ToyStory theme park will soon be launched in HK!

Even inside the mall had this huge Christmas tree decorated with three-eyes aliens.
Went home after the dins and snored off. Didn't have much night life when I was in HongKong. Must not miss it next time.
Till then, xoxo