Apparently it will be a Valentine post by seeing the picture above. We had our early celebration at Cilantro Restaurant & Wine Bar. An award winning restaurant which offers fine French-Japanese cuisine.

My look of the day.
Love how the dress has been "twisted". *Ignore the background, I knew the carpark spoilt the FU of the picture.

He purposely asked me to change my heels because he doesn't want me to look taller than me. *SO NOT HIM* Then, he surprised me with a bouquet of red roses. Awwwwwwww~

Those finest cuisines we had that night.
#1 These bread tastes extremely good with the sauce!

#2 Terrine of Chapon with Lobster.

#3 Red wine, perfect match.

#4 Fish of the Day.

#5 Grain Fed Lamb Rack with Houba Miso.

Insta non-stop even while we are waiting for our dessert. Bad habit!

#6 Warm Chocolate Tart with Pistachio.
There is no doubt that the price of the food equals to the quality of the ingredients. Wouldn't mind boyfie to bring me for second time. \\( > p < )//

Thank you my huannie boy for making this romantic dinner happend.

I managed to surprise him by first telling him that I did not get him any Valentine present because I was too busy during my internship. Of course he believed the story. HAHAHAHA 
He loves it. 

Then he fake a story telling me he did not get a present for me as well, which I plainly accepted. *smackme*When I was to bring my little disappointment to sleep, I found a box covered by my pillow. 

Heart it so much

Thank you for everything. Me love you more day by day, huannie boy
Once again, Happy Valentine's Day.
~~Love in the air~~