Lastest photoshoot picture. *steal from Keep Calm and Snap On fb page*
I'm counting down my internship, 7 days to go. Can't wait, teehee<3
There will be a presentation after my up-coming trip.*secret destination* First, slides have to be done. Second, i need to be well-prepared for my presentation. Though I am sucks in presenting myself, I MUST DO IT! 
Girls should be stronger these days. Lesson I learnt. 
Here is a sad news came from a friend. She just broke up with her boyfriend, who now her ex. She said, "He's the guy I ever want to be with."
For me, there's NO such thing. Few years back, maybe I'll agree with her. But, not now. 
No one can't live without someone. 
There's always another someone waiting for you. 
I hope can she be brave and strong. Big girl now, ok? I know you can do it! 
Love you, xx

That's all for today, good night readers.