Hi readers, it's been while since I write about my HK-MACAU post and it'll be the last post regarding the trip. Main reason I insist writing is because there is a very typical yet good HK restaurant I wanna to recommend to you guys.

This Tshui Wah restaurant located at Central.

They serve best Wan Tan noodles evaahhh!!!

With this fishball soup, ahhhhhhhhhhhhh~~ *rubbing stomach*

Little Bryan loves their food too.

After filling our stomach, it was shopping spree @ H&M again.
Picture taken outside the store. Do you guys find my beanie lovely? *wink* My facial expression was way too serious, wrongwrong!

While on our way back to hotel, we witnessed even lovely scene in the train. The whole family wearing Panda shoes by Jeremy Scott. So cuteeeee~~ˋ( ° ▽、° )

Next, we headed to airport.
We were having our coffee while waiting on board. Starbucks, the only choice.

Camwhore to kill boredom, WHATELSE!
Like mother like son.

Like uncle like nephew.

Another memories between me and huannie boy
Can't wait for our coming trip to island, teehee\( ≧ 3 ≦ )/