I was just playing dress-up, trying to figure out what to wear for the Astro On-The-Go event.  Hint hint, the event post will only be up tmr. If you wanna know what i wore, stay tune okayy? :)
Some fun Huannie boy captured....

This red high-waist knee-length pencil skirt supposed to be loooooooooongerrrrrrrrrrr! But i think only a few design fits my size. >, <
Remember when you buy red colour clothing because you might not want to wear it out often. I wouldn't wear my dazzling red skirt out often because my friends might think i want to go some special occasions, which you know.......may be somehow over-dressed.
So guys, be cautious in choosing colours to put on.
For me, black & white will never go wrong. *wink*
That's all for this post, good night readers
Enjoy, xx