Yawwwnnnnn, time in weekdays passes particularly slowww. I'm looking forward for my weekend as friends and i will have a evening-picnic at DPC! 
Come spot us and our doggies, YAY!

Here's an update on how i spent my Sunday last week. 
I went to watch SOX finale at the early morning, like 10am! O.o So not a teenager-way of spending time on a SUNDAY!

My ootd - CDG tee & CDG chuck taylor high-cut shoes, Topshop new-in purple pants, and Karen Walker shades. Casual outfit<3

It was a Dance, Drum, Hoops competition happening at MABA stadium. Participators from various states were gathered here and competed for the finalist! 
Pictures of some Dance!

First time seeing guys cheerleading! They can really shakalaka boom boom, i'm really impressed! *claps*

Pirates team has costume inspired of Tinkerbell , me likely

The Laus' sister were there too! 

The boyfriends were dragged here! :o Hopefully they enjoyed! Hahahaha

CHEER CHEER for our teams!

Lovebirds from Penang, BlancoChoo & Anerly Fang came to support SOX too! 

Me & Blanco.

The Drum part was the most entertaining. I never thought they would compete like those street dances battle. *sorry if i sound too kampung, because my hometown doesn't not have this kinda of co-curriculum

The most aspiring, powerful drum team from SMK Chung Hua (Sarawak). *double thumbs up*
Well-prepared with all kinds of crops, outfits, masks, and even roses! 
Pretty sarcastic at the end of the battle. :o

Such heedful planning of Celcom SOX to have Starbucks truck!  

Bought my fav mocha frappuccino.

Alternately, there was HOOPS competition as well! 

The ice blended drink i had at the morning totally couldn't make me stay until the end of the event. We left before the award ceremony, and headed to U-Village for our late brunch. 
You guys can click SOX FACEBOOK to see more pictures during the finale and also check out the winner teams! Also vote for your fav team so they can win again, SOX Fan Fav!
Before i end this post, some happy faces to show-off! XD

Thank you Nuffnang for the invitation to SOX grand finale event.