Yeehuu~ While waiting friends & their doggies to come and head out for a walk @ DPC, let's help me out bit by reading my overdue Mother's Day post. :O
Wearing an one piece with raglan sleeve of rose appliqué

Made reservation @ Grand Imperial, BSC!

List of orders we made.
#1. Their signature smoked duck. Combination of crispy skin and juicy meat! Slurrrp~~
#2 Stem fish.
#3 Vege.
#4 Some friend pork with concentrated curry sauce. *Highly NOT suggested*
Typical chinese cuisine we had on Mother's Day as boyfriend's family is pretty traditional in way of selecting food. So Huannie and I decided to have it here. Would definitely come for the 2nd time for the smoked duck!

Some shy faces in front of cam!
Ooi's daddy & Ooi's mummy.
Ooi's family XD
All her favourite men!
With sweet little Bryan<3

Was thinking where to go on Father's Day with the Oois'. Does anyone have any Japanese restaurant recommend? Kuriya @ BSC, Ju.Ne @ Publika, Kaihomaru @ Federal hotel or Zipangu @ Shangri-La hotel? Dilemma dilemma....I should probably do read some food review noaaa...