Christmas celebration came early this year. Was invited to Nuffnang's NomNom Xmas party @ Artista Restaurant & Bar last Friday. Theme - headgear!

Me and my girlfriends had been discussing what to dress-up for days, ended up concluding to go with whitey Xmas coordinate (will blog about it in upcoming post). We totally forgot about the headgear-themed until Povy sent me her DIY headgear! But last i managed to get one!
Nah, awesome or not????? lol

Last Friday was just another Jamday, me and Povy arrived just in time for some desserts and food!
Want some?
Mashmallows first before dinner! #girlsbeinggirls

All flavors of mille crepe cakes from HumbleBeginings!

Portion of food i got for myself. 

Some merry faces of the night! 
Nana, NN hottest crew versus Nana, the blogger. 
Sweetie Sue Ann.
David. Spotted Darren (the guy with deer anther headgear) insanely laughing behind our back, lol~
Shah and le boss Timothy.  
Cutie pie YangBaobei.
Of course my love were there, Jane, Ash, and Nat. 
Povy with her cool DIY headgear! I know you can't see the whole headgear now, just continue scrolling then you'll see. :p

Cheerssssssss...because it might be our last Xmas as Jane was saying 21st December will be the end of the world. T.T
While we were happily selca-ing and drinking, the MC was calling the nominees for the best dressed (both man and woman) of the night!
Poser Shah won himself the best dressed with his all time fav suits.
Too bad Povy didn't not win the woman best dressed. I think we didn't cheer loud enough, > . < Anyway it was given to Michelle (the girl standing beside Povy in the above pic).

More pictures...(don't smack me because i just want to show you guys our headgears).

Again, names were calling for the nominees for best headgear and me and natnat names were shortlisted! the short clip below then you'll know what happen!
Now you know why.....

Also they had people walking around taking polaroid pictures. Feel so blessed because we could keep all these, our memories of celebrating 2012 Xmas together. 
That's called a good night. 

Wishing everyone a Merry Merry Christmas in advance
Gonna crashhhh now, nanight.