Gonna smize like this after i finish my finals, I PROMISE! Two week times, i can do this!

You guys probably be thinking why this bxtch keeps talking about assignments & finals in her blog ever since dunno when! Try to think if your boyfriend is not studying (cannot understand me) and most of my friends are working (cannot understand either), you don't bother telling the how stress you are during revision! I bet all they can say is good luck, which it doesn't help me a lot! T.T
All i can do is keep calm & continue read!!!! I CAN DO THIS!

Oh well, tonight i'll be updating about XPLAY KL party i attended last Saturday @ Aquasonic. I remembered that day schedule was so packed that me and my girlfriends went event hopping from morning till dawn! YES, till dawn! We r superwomen travelling from Midvalley - Pavilion - Sunway - Phuture! *claps*
Back to Xplay, we had dinner at Rainforest Bistro, Sunway Pyramid. Stuffing dishes before drinking session!
Pandan chicken.
Chicken wings.
Must take picture with food. Blogger thing, lol. 

After that was party time with XPLAY! I think we were the first to arrive! Manage to snap pwetty pictures with the backdrop without squeezing with others.

Since our boy-friends were not coming with us, it means we could happily enjoying the free flow of beer all by ourselves. Selca-ing and playing with the effects as much as we want! Girls' fav thing to do! :p
Electrify you!!! 
Party VXP style!!
Ash baby gone crazy because we forced her to dance sexy moves! LOL

Tipsy faces!
This girl is not tipsy! Asked her to act tipsy but cmi! Major failed, HAHAHA~

Went back earlier because our contact lens were so dried and we barely feel our body after a long long day. EXHAUSTED MAX!
Anway, thanks to Celcom and Nuffnang for the inviting me to XPLAY KL party! Probably will bring my gang to party with XPLAY next year! YAY!!!

Before i signing off, just wanna let you guys know i won't be updating my blog that frequent during these two weeks. But don't worry, here's the reason for you to stay on.
Sneak peak of Nom Nom Xmas party i went last Friday 
Stay tune for this post because the party was extremely awesome! Who don't love Christmas party?