Throwback Thursday of my visit to H&M Spring 2013 collection last month with babe J. Both of us were wearing pieces from H&M white-milky series of SS13 collection. Quote from a celebrity in Thailand, wear first cool first. LOL

Had yumilicious finger food from Nathalie's before we were coordinated into the showroom.  
While waiting, i was looking at the women design of SS13 fashion booklet. 

Bohemian style takes over the scene at H&M for spring 2013. This season colour highlights will be neutrals and sun-bleached shades of yellow, orange, grey and green busts of hot Spanish red. Leather, denim and brocate are still in the trend. 

Me, happily putting on those key pieces, posing and taking pictures.  
The H&M stylist (if i'm not wrong about his title) told us this jacket is the masterpiece of this season! Price at USD399. MUST HAVE ITEM!
The details of this jacket caught my eye.
 Oversized draping vest with studded, DAYUM!
I saw a lot of pineapples!
On accessories. 
More accessories.
They even come out with pineapple clip-on earrings.
This bag looks very pineapple-designed as well.

Those non-pineapple items. 

So far my favourite piece is the whitey studded vest. It's in my next year wish-list as all these will only be launching separately next year onwards. So watch it closely, perhaps you guy should visit the outlet every week! lol
That's for today. 
Happy reading readers, x