Happy Winter Solstice my readers. The 4th year i'm not celebrating with my family, little homesick here. But i'm lucky enough to have dinner with my huannie's family every year, making me feel the warmth of a family love

Another happy news to share in December. Yesterday, I went for an interview with Bernama radio as a blogger. Meet DJ Gerald Ratnam :)

Every Thursday they will have a blogger on live to share their experience as being a blogger. So stay tune every week on 93.9fm about 9.15pm.
ON AIR! So nervous...wondering how my voice sounds like from radio. According to Shawn, he said i sound like a man! lol, i think so too.

While doing interview with DJ Ratnam, i looked quite natural here though! We laughed very hard while sharing the food all over the world, from my hometown Sibu to HongKong. Talked about kampua, dianpianhu (鼎邊糊), roasted goose, dim sum...lol
If you guys missed out the interview, ummm...i can't do anything. T.T Did try to ask if i can retrieve it, but they said they would get back to me. So yea...if i manage to get the interview record, i'll post it here ok? Or just hoping i would have a second chance to be invited to Bernama so you guys can listen next time. *wink*

After the interview, i went to Tokyo - Heineken Red and Green celebration @ Skybar, Traders Hotel.

Drinking night with my gang and other bloggers. Great meeting new people when attending events. One of the best thing to be a blogger, teehee~
Meet Michelle (the left) and Ciki (the center). 
Le twins.

Random shot, it's not what you see! XD
Eric Soong!
Shahzeeq from NN! 
Ze couples.
The Laus'.
My D's~

All happy faces. :D
Till then.