Geez, just got back from my cruise trip yesterday. Got tanner and sunburned on my cheeks and nose, other than that was fun and memorable to start off year 2013! :D

Before i make you jelly about my cruise trip, i'll finish up the HongKong trip post first.  
Day 3 we went to Macau, yay

Had our breakfast at Tsui Wah before we took the ferry to Macau. This time i tried crispy bun served with sweet condensed milk and honey. Trust me, it was very very good!

Tourism spot #1, Ruins of St Paul
Macau's must-have food, Portuguese tart from Choi Heong Yuen Bakery.
Freshly baked everyday, slurp~
Do buy as much as possible and finish them within that day! 
Foodporn close up shot.
On nom nom with the boyfie.
After that we went to the Venetian for some shopping spree. Same old schedule with last year Christmas trip, no i mean 2011. LOL! Should explore new places next time we come. 

As usual, here's the coordinate shots of the day :)
OOTD - baby pink sweater from Taiwan // Zara pinkish leather vest // H&M scarf and beanie, clutch // NakedKimchi skirt and loafer 

That's all for today, tata~