Kiss and love all the way from Sydney
Having so much fun and food here, can't wait to blog about it when i'm back. 

Before i sleep, i would love to share a midnight food post with ya'll. Not what i had in Aussie but an exquisite brunch i went last week at the newly opened TEN Japanese Fine Dining Restaurant @ Marc Residence.
The walk way beside a large teppanyaki bar is my favourite spot in this restaurant as it transforms the high-end Japanese cuisine to a more casual and cozy environment which customers can get together and enjoy the chefs cooking. 
Here's me sitting at the other side of the restaurant checking out the menu!

While waiting, you know what girls would do :D
Joyce, Me & Mich.

When Mich's green tea met my cocktail. Mich was saying that it was too early to have a cocktail, and later she wanted to order a bottle of champagne *rolled eyes*. But i didn't allow her, lol. 
 So here were the 4 courses served. 
Unique Japanese Dango filled, made with seasonal vegetables filled with French foie gras.
Dango  means dumplings are made of sweet potatoes, yam and carrot. 

Assorted Ocean Fresh Sushi and Sashimi.
Among all the sashimi, my favourite would be the otoro and tuna tartar with truffle flavour and the scallop with chili and plum paste. I couldn't accept the taste of natto soy sauce that comes along with the poached alfonsino fish, however one of the waiter explained to me that natto is one of the favourite ingredients in Japanese cooking culture as it's very healthy. 

 Teppanyaki styled Miyazaki A5 Wagyu beef served with Tasmanian garlic chips and daikon. 
I prefer my beef to be cooked medium well, and it really taste so gooooood when the meat melts inside my mouth. 
 The sauces that come along with the beef. 
 The 4th course supposed to be dessert, but this beautiful yummilicious fish were served. I think is an add-on. 

  Ten's Specialty Dua Desserts.
Dessert lovers should not miss out this course because the combination of homemade chocolate (bitter) and red bean paste that balance up the sweetness. Along with the plumb and jelly that goes well with the chocolate. One word, nomsssss!

While blogging this post, i'm making myself hungry > , < 
So do you?
Midnight foodporn *pulls hair*

You could visit them at:
A-G-1, Marc Residence, Ground Floor, No.3 Jalan Pinang, 50450 Kuala Lumpur. 

Operating hours:
11:30 am - 2:30 pm & 6 pm onwards (closed on Mondays)

Contact details:
03 - 2162 999

Gonna crash nowwwwwww, nanight.