H&M dress, heels and clutch // No brand necklace from BKK

My very own futuristic look inspired from the movie Oblivion. 
Less is more make up with only powder, brows, champagne colour eyeshadow, and dark purplish lips. I believe makeup should go along with dress-up. I couldn't wear a heavy make-up with too many colours in a future world which I visualize it to be fresh and pure here. Of course, if you imagine it the other way your outfits perhaps will be totally different from mine. To fit with the futuristic theme, I wore a knee length dress with a silver greyish metallic heels, pairing with a silver clutch. Ditching the short-until-can-see-the-butt dress, girls should try to put on knee length dress in a favour of classy modest look. 
Remember to stay classy and fabulous at all time