Went to this private fashion event, YAA SUI is is not DEAD the other day @ 69 Bistro. Let me explain further on this term 'YAA SUI' is cantonese word. It basically means fashionable dress-up or in mandarin 有型. According to Huannie, we no longer use this term to describe people because it's an old-line now.

So yea...back to the event. The theme of the night is futuristic so i thought of having some inspiration from the latest movie Oblivion for my outfit (will blog about my futuristic outfit in the next post, stay tune). I knew my outfit wouldn't be able to beat those in the party because they went way extreme, as always! Scroll down to check out the AWESOME outfits they wore during the party.
One of the organizer, Sun.
Wrapped herself with tubes, lol. 
Another organizer, Edward's outfit!
Madly in love with Brandon's outfit, too cool! 
These LED lights won them men and women best-dressed! Trust me, it looked cooler in real.
Jane trying on Jason's customized lego cap! DOPE!!!
Astronaut with his lantern headdress, so cute lol.
These spiky things are made out of straws, so beautiful under lights.

I'll never forgot to take pictures of me and my fwenssss, HAHAHA! Here're some cool futuristic faces :D
Fashion and music that night were too good too be true.
Love party with great people, hope there'll be YAA SUI is not DEAD part 2 or whatever name it's!