Happy 4 years 10 days with my huannie boo
4 years, ain't easy. We've been through a lot, there are happy moments as well the sad ones. I've learnt to become a better person in this relationship, not only for him, but for myself for us. I love you huannie boy. Always have, always will.

We celebrated our anniversary at Mandarin Grill. He said he wanted to have western food this time so no more italian food, NAY! Turned out the food was unexpectedly good and the interior was so elegant and beautiful. I was too busy relishing the food and couldn't bother to take any picture of the surroundings. Of course you can always google it. 
 Platter of fresh breads with salted butter was served before the dinner. 
I ordered a dinner set and huannie had a la carte dishes. 
 Foie gras ballotine with barbary duck confit, spring morels and granny smith apple puree. 
Definitely there's some fine name for this dish, which i've forgotten. It was something to do with seafood. Yums too!
Lamb rack so good.
You got to choose your preferably Laguiole steak knife before eating the steak. I've no idea of this Laguiole until I googled it and found out one cost about RM1k + *jaw dropped*.  As you can see the restaurant is really putting their food quality in a very high standard, even small little utensil has to be taken into concern. Good one :)
A trio combination of peachy desserts. My favourite is the peach velvet cake. 

Wood mushroom cream soup with cured duck breast, morel dust and thyme essence.  
 Fillet in sauce which I couldn't find it online :/ 

Rubbing stomach after the satisfying meal and huannie couldn't wait until we got home to open his present. He was reading my love words for him *blush
Happy boy got Cartier!

May our love last very very long x