You know you are growing up to be listed under the adult category when you start adopted your best friend's baby to become your family. Can't believe a year has passed, and there we were celebrating my goddaughter 1 year old birthday bash @ Delicious, Dua Residency. 

I was totally indulged in this pinkish-princessy-bunny decoration Miki has planned for her baby.

The photo booth session where filled with props, and photos hanging on the mirror marking baby Xuan milestones from a newborn to 1 year old. 

Even the dining table were decorated with bunny-themed items. Irresistible cuteness!!!

A quick snapshots with my baby girl. You know you have to do it fast before she starts realizing it and wants to distract me with food or cry for daddy and mummy. Baby nowadays is smart, wonder what's milk does she drink. Perhaps I should ask the mother, lol. 

A girl group picture with the birthday girl sitting on her old school trojan. 

As far as everybody knows, they are deemed as the perfect lovebirds among our gang. Witness them getting married, having their first baby, and now second child in her stomach, I'm really happy to be a part in their life. 
Once again happy 1 year old to my baby goddaughter. 
Kaima loves you a lot