YAY, I DID IT! I'm officially graduated. 
I've learnt and seen so much in these 4 years. All the assessments and assignments we worked together, the late night revision on WhatsApp, the skipping class and forever-late-to-class part, it all came back when I see them again during the graduation ceremony last Friday. Ahh, those time was so carefree.

Now then everyone is working (at least most of them), we no longer seeing each other every week. This makes our group pictures to be extraordinary precious. But I was a little sad because my uni bestie, Tiffany wasn't in these group pictures because she was busy working on that day and she decided not to attend her graduation T__T 

We did what everyone else did, selca while they were doing briefing and delivering speeches. 
After the ceremony, I've bumped into an old friend from my foundation year in Sunway U. It was nice seeing you, Mysarah :)

After few hours wait, I finally got my certificates.  
Thank you papa and mama for everything they did, thank you brother for being so supportive. It meant so much to me for you all to be there with me. Words can't describe how much I love them, and how much I wish they could be by my side all the time
Also, thank you huannie for being my personal driver and photographer on that day :p

Fun fact of the day - While I was busy snapping pictures, my parents were busy helping me to hold these two bouquets of flowers. They were so bulky and troublesome, so we decided we put the flowers inside the car after taking enough pictures with them. It seems more like props than some heart-warming gifts, lol. Universities or colleges should have set up a photo booth with flower bouquet as prop, just saying.
Daddy looking so cute over here :D

That marked my schooling chapter in Sunway University, wish me all the best in my future career.