Have you ever thought lingeries can make out of used coffee beans?!!!

No way I could imagine, but sloggi did it! They have recently launched their eco-friendly line dubbed 'Think Green' lingerie collection with models strutting down the mobile GREEN runway last Sunday @ Desa Park City. Despite the cheerful colour popping designs, these 'coffee' bras and briefs are made out of recycled coffee ground fabric which is UV-resistant, quick drying and odour absorbing. Provide both beautiful look and comfort of wearing for ladies.  

Rolling together with GBG, we pledged with sloggi team during the Think Green, Think sloggi event. I pledged not to use plastic bag as possible. Instead of taking plastic bags whenever you are going for a little grocery shopping, you can use a recycled bag or just put the items inside your bag (which I usually do). Also we did a quick interview with sloggi team individually, looking forward to see the short clip :D

When bloggers and friends get together...

Be a green advocate now in keeping the earth green! sloggi is available at major department stores and Triumph boutiques selling at price from RM 129.90, RM 37.90 and RM 129.90 for bra, briefs and sports bra respectively. 
 Feel free to visit www.facebook.com/sloggiMalaysia to get the latest updates of this eco-friendly lingerie.