No better way to close my last chapter of 2015 by exploring some of the Bangkok's coolest speakeasy bars. With the city's recent interest in cocktail culture, independent bars are really the exciting spots which attracts the city's in-the-know crowd.

#1 A.R Sutton & Co Engineers Siam
Located at Park Lane Ekkamai, this bar is Ashley Sutton's most beautiful masterpiece. A little bit like a captain’s quarters on an ancient vessel, there is a mass of dark wood, winding iron staircases and giant copper distillery. Their cocktail menu is very short, and of course we tried all. Yet the most interesting drinks here would be their gin called Iron Balls. I find it a little bit too strong to drink on the rocks, but others are actually enjoyed. Oh well, the bartender then made another one by adding some ginger slice and lime and hence the boys decided to bring some Iron Balls back. 

#2 Sing Sing Theater 
Located near Thonglor, it is fantastical bar-cum-club with very Eastern aesthetic designs like lanterns, intricate wrought iron patterns, dragon imagery and the Muses (elegant girls dressed in Chinese Qipao). Sing Sing Theater reminds me a lot of Maggie Choo as both venues' art and interior design is from the same designer, Ashley Sutton. We were sat on the second floor where we were led into hidden seating areas and vantage spots. I couldn't recall what drinks we ordered, but I remembered they were served in a fancy bird cage. 

#3 The Iron Fairies
Located at Thonglor, this bar is designed like an ironsmith's workshop. It is dark and broody with wrought iron staircases, exposed pipes and dilapidated timber and bricks. My favourite part is the walls that are stacked with fairy dust and again designed by Ashley Sutton. I love everything about this bar, the cocktails, the live band jazz. Everyone say their Absinthe is good, but I secretly love their Melon & Parsley cocktail. 

My favourite among these 3 will be The Iron Fairies. More bars hopping will definitely be one of my 2016 checklist.