When you run out of data, what will you do just to stay connected?
I often connected to public wifi, even ask your friends to share their personal hotspot or to purchase expensive internet top-up. This is how desperate I am just to stay connected all the time. 

Accessing mobile websites on a slow connection can be frustrating. With that in mind, the latest Mobile's 4G LTE can speak through websites and get lightning-quick downloads. Coupled with affordable internet plans, XOX Mobile hooks you up with the fastest and most convenient mobile internet experience ever.

XOX Mobile provides affordable monthly internet subscriptions which I do not have to pay any more for high speed mobile Internet. If you are one data hungry mobile user, you can now spend as low as RM18 for its monthly packages. Besides that, there is a shareable plan called Season Pass. It is the most cost-saving plan for family and friends.  I have tried to share over 1GB data to my mom when she came over.  We both find it super handy as I no longer need to share my wifi hotspots that drain my battery real quick. XOX Mobile's users are able to share their data, minutes, and SMS, which will never expire and will be kept in the Season Pass counter. 

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 You can also easily manage your XOX Mobile account from your fingertips download the MYXOX app which available on both AppStore and GooglePlay.

Besides the exciting features, XOX Mobile offers the longest prepaid validity on the market. The 28-month validity period is the perfect mobile network for frequent traveler like me. 

I can keep my phone network active after being away for a long holiday and I do not have to worry about constant top-up the phone credit just to retain the account. 
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