Another year has passed, and this year adidas put 26 women together on a 3 days 2 nights FITcation journey at Langkawi. 

Love every details of St Regis hotel. When you think adidas just going to put you at nice hotel and work your sh*t out, you are wrong. Of course, they went beyond that by surprising us with so many gifts from workout gears and survival kit to photographs of our family and friends (which they handpicked from our Instagram), in our hotel room. THAT IS WHAT I CALLED EFFORT. 

Met my roomie Jojo (Josephine). I learnt about how she kept her abs by eating chips and chocolate late night. #justsaying 

Day 1 Fire workout by Tanya and Tracy. 

Day 2 HIIT workout by Fay Hokulani. This definitely killed Jojo and I, but we still made it. Can't even feel our legs after that and guess what we were heading to Skytrex right after this. 

I thought I would be cool at Skytrex, but I was wrong. I was screaming like a little girl while crossing this and the rest obstacles that have to deal with my balancing. You have to see my face below to know how scare I was. 
Please consider to lower your volume when you watch this!!! :p

We wrapped our workout journey with a power morning yoga session with Evie and Soraya. It felt so great to be able to stretch after all those intense workout earlier. 

adidas didn't just make us work by not feeding us.

We passed the adidas FITcation 2017 and are so ready for next year adventure! Thank you everyone for being so kind, strong and passionate. It was a great pleasure working out with every each of you. 
Team Malaysia represents!
FITcation 2018, I will see you soon.