My brother and I have been waiting to organize a family trip, but we always end up caught up by our own things and saying we can probably do it next year. But finally, we made it happened this year. We brought our family to Hong Kong last month to enjoy the last bit of summer. 

Family trip usually means you will be doing more touristy thing. We covered from visiting the religious places like the Big Buddha and Wong Tai Sin Temple to taking the peak tram and enjoyed the sunset moment watching HongKong city from the Peak Tower. 


The view from The Peak Tower.

Victoria Harbour, of course. 

I also managed to squeeze in some time to get my Instagrammable shots from a few Instagrammable spots like Choy Hung Estate and Sai Wan Swimming Shed.
Choy Hung Estate
How to get there - Take MRT to Choy Hung station.

Sai Wan Swimming Shed
How to get there:
Option 1 - Take MRT all the way to Kennedy Town (last station on the West bound line) and go to Exit A. Take a bus and it's only 4 stops away. Please do not try walking all the way from the MRT station because it's about half an hour uphill road. 
Option 2 - Take a taxi and ask for Victoria Road Kennedy Town.

We also covered Macau for a day trip and visited the Ruins of St. Paul's Cathedral and tried the fresh pipping hot Portuguese egg tarts and the overpriced herbal tea. 

Coming back to Hong Kong, we doing it the local way. We had the local HK style breakfast (basically Malaysia's version of roti bakar and eggs), dim sum, roasted goose, hotpot, Canton dishes and some treats and drinks.



We randomly went to this dimsum, which weren't that great because that morning we were rushing to catch a ferry to Macau. But I heard Luk Yu Tea House Central is pretty good, perhaps you guys can check it out and let me know. 

CONG SAO STAR DESSERT (look at the line!!!)


Due to the limited land space in Hong Kong island, we can't actually do what we do in cafes in Hong Kong so I just grab-and-go most of the time. 
AMBER (highly recommended)

18 GRAMS (happened to be around my stay in HK)

Didn't manage to cover any speakeasy bar during this trip because we were with our parents, so Quinary will do. The cocktails are pretty delicious though. 

If you guys are wondering which area I'm staying during this trip, it is just minutes away from Causeway Bay MRT station. Thanks to Homeaway Asia for hooking me up with this super strategic apartment for my family. If you are visiting Hong Kong end of this year, book via this link to enjoy 8% off by using HOMEAWAYNANA. It's applicable till end of this year! 

Till then Hong Kong, I will see you soon maybe.