It's been 3 months since my Europe trip and I've been wanting to write about my favourite city among all I visited - Greece. It's a fantastic country that offer everything from beaches and islands to culture and history as well as delicious food and friendliest locals among EU.

If you haven't been to Greece, here are why:
#1 Plaka 
Plaka is one of the most picturesque neighbourhoods in Athens, with its small alleys, lovely neoclassical buildings and small cafes, traditional tavernas, souvenir ships and ancient ruins in almost every corner. It's located in the heart of the center Athens, just under the Acropolis hill, yet has a totally different vibe than the rest of the city center, creating a feeling of nostalgia of the old Athens. 
A special mention needs to be made here to Anafiotia, the most unique spot overlooking the Acropolis hill. 

#2 Monastiraki Flea Market 
An instagram walk around Monastiraki in Athens as it offers quirky items from antique to touristy items. They have similar small shops of which most of them are same stuff you will find on Adrianou street in Plaka too. 

#3 The Acropolis 
It's one of the world's greatest treasure. Athens sits under the watchful eye of the Parthenon, the ancient temple - the Erechtion, has beautiful stonework and the stunning theatre, the Odeon of Herodes Atticus, are all must check-list.

#4 Acropolis Museum
The Acropolis Museum is a must-see as it offers priceless artifacts found on the Acropolis and spanning a period from the Mycenaean times up to the Roman and Early Christian eras. 

#5 Syntagma Square
We randomly walked pass this central square while heading for desserts. Apparently it is a one of the touristy spot. 

#6 Exarcheia (Downtown Athens)
Exarcheia has edgy alternative vibe, its streets decorated with politically charged murals and lined with anarchist bookshops and many nice coffee shops. 

#7 Mount Lycabettus
It was not in our top 3 list to visit this place, but apparently we found out our airbnb were right at the bottom of the hill so why not. We took a small hike (with stairs) and a cable car up to see the best sunset in Athens. 
Till then, wait for my food lists!