I was only in Athens for three short days and had to squeeze all my tourist essentials and food lists before heading off to Mykonos for #JaneHanpinlyMarried (up next). For me, I will always set my mind right before visiting a new country and knowing that their local food might not be prepared to our taste bud. But surprisingly, I'm in love with all the Greek food and below are my fav restaurants and cafes to go. 
#1 Tzitzikas Kai Mermigas 
This cheery modern place sits smack in the middle of central Athens, very close to Syntagma Square. With a menu offering traditional dishes with a twist, it features a variety of meat plates as well as salads. 

#2 Mam
On the corner of Panepistimiou and Ippokratous street, it's so tiny that you might miss it when locating the shop. Mam is one of the city's cheese pie shop with more than 60 years history.

#3 Lefteris O Politis
If you are looking for beef souvlaki in Athens, this should be your first stop. The meat here is juicy with fat, topping with the chilli powder creates a strong punch. 

#4 Diporto Agora
It is an underground taverna located at the corner of Sokratous and Theatrou Streets. Mind you, this place has no sign. It took us a while to find this 150-year-old building entrance. There are two doors, which lead to a vintage cellar, no menu and yet it was one of the most stunning dining experience we ever had.  

#5 Seychelles
This neo-taverna in the Metaxourgeio district is a local favourite for its reinvented Greek classics, such as slow-cooked octopus, papardeles and grilled hallumi (cheese). 

#6 Couleur Locale
Nestled in a quaint arcade in Normanou street (Monastiraki area), it holds the reigns of one of the most beautiful terraces of Athens with its rooftop view facing Acropolis. Pop by for cocktails/coffee during sunset time is the best.  

#7 Mr Bean Coffee Brewers 
If you are looking for good coffee. 

#8 Taf Coffee
Another great coffee place, which is a stone away from Mr Bean.

#9 Yiasemi
Located on the narrow steps of Mnisikleous Street in the heart of Plaka, Yiaemi is truly prevails a small hidden treasure with picturesque atmosphere, tasty homemade food and desserts as well as genuine Greek coffee. 

#10 Fresko Yoghurt Bar
Just because it's near Acropolis so perhaps you can get some healthy snacks before/after visiting. 

#11 Sorolop 
It's a sweet spot located right next to Exarchia square. You can have it take-away while visiting the area.

#12 Noel
Bringing the feelings of the festive season, entering Noel makes you feel like Christmas all over again. 

Till then Athens, you will be missed. 
Hope to visit you very soon x