Labuan Bajo is small fishing town located on Flores Island. It acts as a base to visit Komodo's famous dragons (world largest lizard), dive with mantas and sharks, hike up to a breathtaking views, and swim along the pink sandy beach. 

Here are a few things you can do if you are planning to visit Flores Island, keep reading to find out what you can do there. 

Things to do in Labuan Bajo
#1 Hike Padar Island
Padar Island is one of the islands within the Komodo National Park. It is only accessible by boat and is part of our activities from the hotel tour. The hike is about 30-45 mins, but the peak view is definitely worth the sweat with magical view of surrounding mountains and the three beaches, with the endless blue sea stretching across the horizon (basically the instagrammable spot). For those who do not wish to go up there, there are still several points where you can stop and enjoy the beauty of Padar. 

#2 Visit Komodo National Park
We went to Rinca Island to see the world largest lizards in their natural habitat. The tour can only be done alongside ranger as the creatures are extremely dangerous and toxic. The hike is pretty simple as compared to the Padar one as it's all flat ground so it's easier to walk. We managed to see multiples dragons along the hike, which can be quite scary. 

#3 Swim in the Pink Beach
When it comes to beaches, pink is my new obsession. Be ready to swim or just walk along the sand just to admire this beautiful nature. The beach is pink because of the red corals that crumble and change its colour. 

#4 Chill day at the hotel
On our last day, we decided to just stay in and chill by the pool and ended our day perfectly with sunset kayak. We stayed at Ayana Komodo Resort, which offers plenty of tour packages if you are up to explore more. 

How to get to Labuan Bajo
Getting to Labuan Bajo can be quite tedious as you can either choose to stopover at Jakarta or Bali to arrive at Labuan Bajo Airport. We took the later one, and the 2 hours transit time can be quite tight due to flight delay sometimes. Arriving at the airport, we got our hotel driver to pick us up, but there are also plenty of taxis out there too. 

To more finding hidden travel gems.