January 30, 2009

CNY mode.

sorry my readers, recently i'm damn fucking lazy to update my feeling because it's all the same..
Overall my CNY was great and fun. This is my first year to visit 20+ house, is kinda sick to see those snack and cakes...ohgod, please help me! i was sick few days before...just vomit all the food after i had my meal, it was sucks as the gastric juice with the digested food came out together..eeeuuuh~
my bro and daddy had left sibu, leaving me and mummy ...feeling a bit sad and lonely...
at the end, we all decided to continue my study at sunway..so come on KL, i'm coming to u with a NEW me... NEW LIFE, A NEW ME,
since i cant go UK, so just wait i've the chance to go there for holiday...ngekngek...
tomorrow gonna back to my secondary school to get my forecast result, hope MR.LAU and teachers will give me a good result...hehe~

showing u all some pictures during CNY ...and happy cowcow year for everyone, i love u muchiee...and bad luck please go away from me~

mememe...大年初一...i didn't wear red cloth ...paiseh~

take 1..normal pose

owh..sorry if frighten u...hehe

i look pretty in this right...muahaha~

is me again, so slim lo this one=)


camwhore camwhore~

我表哥的兒子, 阿哲...



the car is moving la...

noon time, i out with james gorgor~~hehe

gorgor and muimui

i look so tanned = =

the cute boy i met ...he has a veryvery big and charming eyes..

then i continue my visiting with ahwen..hoho~~

nice shoot on the way to BANGSONG house..

end of my pic on 初二...tiring day!

大年初三...we went to ahnee house, ahneeahnee, u so leng~~~

i knew a new friend, yumi who is kenneth's gf from JAPAN


yumi and nana~

ahwen and yumi

boyfriend girlfriend and ahwen...haha~

three of us...but ahwen sorry about ur face..

ughhh..i dunno what happen to her...lol~

大年初四...去了abin's house...haha~~long time no see him~

abin and nana...ohgod...my rabbit teeth!

i look so 白痴= =

my "daddy"...

baba and luilui



we are so happy huh?

do i look young?hehe

they are brothers ...^^

大年初五...i went to my kaijie's house..finally i took a pic with her=)

take 2..does she look like ghost behind me?

ahjie, u are too fair la....

my kaigor aka meizhen's bro aka boyboy...

gorgor and muimui~~~


night, everyone! guess u ppl tired of seeing my pics...haha~anyway still hope u enjoy.
continue soon.

January 23, 2009

The 111st day without you

hello everyone , so long didn't update my blog...actually nothing for me to update as my feeling is almost the same...i gt a part-time job in cambridge centre but it's too bored for me and the ppl there quite bored = = ...*sorry* i went for a cut for my fringe yesterday and acc daddy to buy his sport shoes. My bro back on.....actually i'm not sure what time he reached cause the flight diverted to kuching ..wuwu~
dad told me i cant go UK for further study, sighs=(
he said maybe we use this $$ to open a bontique for u in SIBU, but i don want to stay at sibu....i want to go outside to see the world, Please.
daddy always can talk in a softer way to me and i love this way.
so, maybe go kl or singapore...?or i just go for stewardess training.....howhowhowhow?
it's still many question mark in my future...haih...~~~~~~~~~~

天氣 : 偏雨天
心情 : 複雜
原因 : 走不出回億, 所以最後我還是選者回憶...不過, 開心的事大家都回來了^^

梁静茹 - 别再为他流泪

我應該別再為他流淚, 是嗎?

January 13, 2009


i'm lazy to count. i hate the number keep increasing, the days flying...i hate to see all those things about u. i hate myself.
有沒有人懂我, 有沒有!?

January 11, 2009

The 89th day without you.

It was raining whole day till now ...still ..sighs...=(my mood turns down as i always hate raining..it makes my foot and hands feel so cold without any warm=( but i remember he loves raining. One different between us again. I hate to differ from him, why? tomorrow will be our 3rd month, i feel down, okie..just let me down and i'll be okie with it. I must be ok, right?....
went to GLOBAL this noon with my mum asking about my study stuff...the agent said maybe i can take UK as one of my choice...i feel excited maybe mummy wont let me go if the $ is reasonable. So...KL, Singapore or UK?
So...will it be a new start?
So...it takes how long to let go?
So...did i ever want to let go ?
So...can i control everything?

2 weeks to go to our CNY....i havent get my new cloth yet..god...sibu tak provide nice cloth *headache*...i want shopping !!!!! i want more $!!!! i want ___________.*let's help me fill in the blank...hehe*


till here tonight, tired hell...nightsss

January 7, 2009

The 84th day without you.

hello everyone, i'm back to update my blog and sorry for neglecting you all for so long...hehe..laziness~ and wish u all HAPPY 2009~^^
chinese new year is around the corner but do u ppl feel that the atmosphere didnt feel much to celebrate this coming CNY? all elders are lazy to prepare or are bored to this celebration huh? but actually i'm quite excited as my bro and friends are coming back...i miss them so much~~
6 days to the 3rd month after u left me alone here, okie..i admit i still miss u but no 100% confirm is this called love...maybe i just need a shoulder or ...whatever.....i want to shout here...i need a place to throw my words out...is suffer to keep it inside .......I MISS YOU I MISS YOU I MISS YOU!

有時候, 你懂身邊那個不是你想要的, 那為什麼還要讓他在你身邊?
他不是他的代替品, 你清楚明白他根本代替不了...
他給你的笑, 有誰懂你不是出之真心?

nothing else for this 2009, i didnt celebrate at all, just followed my friends driving their cars in town and had a drink....a boring celebration right, nothing special nothing special ...so bored in this holiday so i went for interview last monday or tuesday...*i'm a forgetful girl, pls forgive me*....hope to get this job yet not ...i want to earn some $$ and learn new things or maybe get some experience but i'm lazy ...haha...my body stick on sofa whole day with my HK drama...recently i'm watching " 珠光寶氣 "...is a nice drama after " 家好月圓 "
no great album intro, repeating my old songs in itune...^^
here pics today...

do u really know me?

the only pic on the end of 2008...byebye my lovely 2008, i'll always keep it deep inside my heart.. always!

the last goodbye to my 2008 again, i really miss that moment, let's keep that in mind ...is lovely to me, hehe~~maybe to us?...i've maybe wish in 2009, will list out next time when i update my blog...muhahaha..hope u all can make my wishes come true...ngekngek~
i'm 18 now, feeling too old for me though my friends or strangers always say i've 18 or even 21 years old look...damn ! i think that's all for tonight, quite tired to squeeze my mind of thinking what happen last few weeks...
hope to have a great year for me...of course is a new start for him and wish him all the best! i'll support u!
owhowhowh..i want to share one more thing again, i'm learning car nowadays. i found that driving is fun!..hahaha...hope i can drive with skill soon~ ^^

countdown list:
1. 15 days for daddy
2. 16 days for bro
3. 14 days for melvin
4. i'm not sure when james gorgor back...muhaha~~ paiseh~

nights everyone!