May 20, 2015

Bifesta Cleansing Express

When it comes to skincare, I try to keep my routine as minimal as possible starting off with cleansing. Cleansing is always my no.1 priority because it keeps my skin free of makeup (including sunblock) and dirt. Before you start scratching your head off thinking which product works best for you, you need to know you skin type. I have a normal to dry sensitive skin, which generally only allows me to use products that are alcohol free and hypoallergenic formulated.

Bifesta is now my current favourite cleansing product. I have been using Bifesta Cleansing Sheet Moist for a month. It is a makeup remover cotton wipe with lotion that easily removes your makeup at the same time moisturizes your skin. After wiping off your makeup, rinse your face with water to wash off the excess moisturizing ingredients. Quick and easy!
Bifesta has a full range of cleansing products that caters your needs and my girlfriends and I have transformed the informative details into motion picture. Hope you guys enjoy :)

Apart from the video, GBGTV is always rewarding our readers don't we? :D We are now giving away the full range of products on our Facebook page and Instagram. Follow GBGTV to know about the contest details, good luck.

May 14, 2015

Styling tips - Off-duty style

Zalora top and pants // Never Follow Suit denim shirt // Saint Laurent chain wallet // Melissa Madga x Jason Wu jelly shoes

Off-duty look. Juggling between my full time job and blogging work, I have learnt to manage my time more efficiently. I only manage to take outfit pictures right after my work and before the sun sets. Bloggers gonna do what bloggers do. The highlight of this shoot is my Melissa jelly shoes which I have styled in with matching royal blue colour clutch and shirt. It very easy to wear and you all know how comfortable jelly shoes are. 

On a side note, Michelle and I have been working really hard for Mermaid Dreams second collection. We can't wait to show you guys, follow Mermaid Dreams Facebook page and Instagram for more updates. 

May 6, 2015

NU YOU Trendsetter Party

Last minute styling works perfectly, at least for last week NU YOU Trendsetter Party. I overlooked the theme and was intended to dress up in a full black outfit, as usual. Only after I was rechecking the event venue and saw the theme was polka dot. I quickly called my friend's boutique and managed to come out with a polka dot outfit with whatever she has in her shop, call me fashion stylist :D

It was a great night where celebrities, bloggers, media, fashion designers, photographers and friends were able to get together to celebrate NU YOU magazine latest issue which they published three different covers with trend setters included Jojo Goh, Sheena Liam and Jane Chuck representing local personalities from different industries. Too bad one of the cover girl aka my BFF was not able to attend the party because she was happily travelling in NYC, lol. Apart from the celebration, fashion design Khoon Hui also showcased his AW15 collection and Ai Leng who won the best-dressed walked herself away with a Khoon Hooi couture piece too. Though I was nominated to be one of the best-dressed, but Ai Leng's Comme Des Garcons dress well deserved the prize :) 

Khoon Hooi AW 15 collection.

After-event picture time, always nice to see my favourite crazy friends Sheena, Amanda, Joyce and Sher! Joyce and Sher even wore matching kaftan. I wouldn't want that to happen, luckily both of them are good friends. Guess great fashion minds think alike :p

My last minute outfit details.
Lonely Dream Store polka dot long shirt and pants // Topshop basic white top // Zara heels and clutch // 

I know I have not been writing styling article lately, I promise to deliver more. Pinky promise :)

April 28, 2015

Wax Experience @ STRIP

It might seem so nail biting intimidating at the idea of my first Brazilian wax. Thanks to STRIP Malaysia, the experience turned out just fine.

I was a bit nervous lying down on the bed, but the professional was very good at distracting my attention by explaining STRIP signature wax treatment. This delightful chocolate and berry scented concoction or they called it hard wax is extremely pliable ad is able to remove hair as short as 1mm. Besides that, the low melting point of this Chocolate Wax makes it a comfortable temperature to be applied to the skin, and as such, it is excellent for sensitive areas such as the Brazilian, Boyzilian and Underarm. 
 She swipes on some wax and gives it a few seconds to dry, then rips the wax off. Immediately upon ripping off the wax, the lady will place some antiseptic on the raw spot that helps to cool down the pain. 
The whole session takes about 30 minutes and it all feels so baby smooth :D

 I also did full arms and leg waxing using the soft wax which is where they rip the wax off using a piece of cloth.

You may ask should I wax? Generally the treatment will last about 3-6 weeks where your hair will grow approximately about 4mm to 6mm which is the ideal length for an optimum wax job. The same amount of wait time applies to Boyzilians, and waxing for the legs and underarms.
Also some post treatment care you shall take note is to keep your private part as well as your body moisturized. I’m using this Ice Cream lotion that helps in soothing and calming my skin. You can seek more post treatment care from the wax experts any STRIP outlet in Malaysia. 

You can log on to or check out their STRIP Facebook page for their latest updates.

April 22, 2015

Ed Sheeran Concert live in Kuala Lumpur

Was scrolling through my library and I though I shall write about the concert I went last month. Ed Sheeran X Tour was amazingly great. My girlfriends and I were so jealous because Daphne managed to meet Ed in person, but I guess she deserved it. Everyone knows how much Daphne loves Ed, she even told us she wanted to marry him, lol. Hardcore fan!
I didn't took much pictures that night because I was giving my full attention watching his performance. I've to say Ed is really really good. His ginger hair wasn't that bad when I saw him in real, I mean it looked perfectly fine from far :D 
The only annoying part during the concert was some people screaming and shouting like "I love you Ed"  in the middle of him singing some romantic love songs. BIG NO NO to all the fans out there. It was funny when Ed was trying to calm his fans down while he was trying to play Tenerife Sea. Guess  whoever who loves to scream shall learn watching concert etiquette to know when to cheer and scream at the right time.

I recorded some videos. Pardon my shaky hands as I've tried my best to stabilise whilst watching Ed performed. 

Thank you GWL for bringing me to watch him live, I was so touched when he sang our song that night *goosebumps*. 
Ed Sheeran concert checked, more amazing concerts like this please.