December 10, 2014

Advance Christmas Dinner @ The Point

No chilly willy Christmas celebration this year because I'm gonna be in town. Most of my friends and boyfriend (ahem, yes new boyfriend) will be travelling and celebrating a White Christmas this year make me so jealous! Malaysia, can you snow? 

Now where's my Christmas celebration spirit? Neither I have that time and effort to stock up any house deco nor I've planned any Christmas outfits. I don't even have a Christmas playlist in my car, major failed. But at least me and my friends had an advance Christmas dinner before everyone leaving town. Special thanks to Valarie for preparing this special Xmas menu for us paired with champagne and wine. What a wonderful night with my #chuchehmeow group :D

First entree: Citrus cured salmon, soy bean puree and quinda; Tartare of hokkaido scallop with toast; Tataki of Australian kindfish, corrander pesto and lemongrass prawn
Second course: Crispy quail with risotto; Cold angel hair pasta with oysters, salmon roe and whitebait 
Main course: Saikoyaki baked black cod with fennel and calamari salad, carrot puree; Seared black angus beef, sautéed mix mushrooms and braised ribs, pickle shallot salad and roasted garlic jus 
Dessert: Sticky date pudding with vanilla ice cream and gula melaka sauce
Chef Bryan deserved a toast for cooking such delicious dishes. My favourite will be the black angus beef and tataki kindfish. 

Meet my boyfie 

Finally a collage of our #chuckehmeow members, missing Desmond and Justin here who were missing out the fun! Everyone were asked to prepare a gift at RM9.90 and we were exchanging them in between dinner. Patrick got the most hilarious present of all, KFC chicken and I got a bunch of bananas and some sponge. You can sort out our own imagination with the person who got me this gift. Most of them bought condoms or even vibrator as gifts, typical men! Boyfriend has groundless present ever, rubber finger gloves that use to count cash. What!!! Lucky David got the gloves, lol :D

Wish everyone Merry Christmas and Happy New Year in advance. 
To more happiness x

December 4, 2014

Beauty tips - Skinartesse Heart Face @ Rachel Chew Clinic

It has long been said that beauty is in the eye of the beholder and thought that beauty varies by culture, race or era. The evidence, however, shows that our perception of physical beauty is hard wired into our being and based on how closely the features of one's face reflect phi in their proportion. It is almost a year ago since the last time I have my face proportion checked. Skin Art Clinic, now known Rachel Chew Clinic has been doing a wonderful job, making sure I look naturally beautiful and confident every single day. Sadly, physical beauty does not last and I've recently went through Skinartesse Heart Face , a full range of facial treatment that covers filler and botulinum toxin (botox) injection based on individual face's golden ratio. Dr Rachel used Juvéderm during this treatment and I was very happy with the results. 

My eye bags are gone with fillers and a little botox injection. The reason Dr Rachel customised by treatment because I've strong muscles especially on my left eye, which virtually looks like eye bag when I smile. With botox, it helps relax my muscle and reduce the formation of eye bag. Beside my biggest concern, my facial features are a lot more defined with a touch up on my chin and nose. 

Looking more defined at every angles, especially the side angle.

One thing you have to be very cautious when you get all excited about becoming beautiful after these cosmetic treatments is to choose a certified clinic with qualified aesthetic doctor. To be aware that only certified doctor can perform such procedures. I would not recommend you all go for beautician when comes to aesthetics surgeries as he/she may not have adequate adequate knowledge about this field. 
Make your appointment now with Rachel Chew clinic at: 
Solaris Dutamas, 
50480 Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia

+6019 - 6211399

December 2, 2014

Digital Fashion Week - Day 3

Hello December! Coming to the end of 2014, what's your resolution? There are so much going on right now, I'm in fact mentally and physically exhausted. Counting my blessings to those who stay around and help me to go through all these. In need of prayer. 

Well, keeping calm and solving obstacles in life is one thing. I still need to keep my readers entertained right? :D
Let's move on to Digital Fashion Week Day 3 where I attended Pauline Ning and Depression's shows.

 Pauline Ning SS15 truly bring together a sense of contemporary style culminated with traditional craftsmanship.  One of her most remarkable details in would be the customized sport bras with sequin-clad evening sheaths. Mixingg asymmetrical elements and craftsmanship as seen on shirts, tops and the A-line dress, Pauline Ning gracefully sculpted the beauties ofeminism while remained overtly subtle and détracté. Designers, Andrew Loh and Kenny Lim crafted a collection heavily inspired by dark sentiments. While the "devils" were obvious in the styling as seen models with dirty faces, pointy hoods and devil tails. I think sporty luxe ain't going away anytime soon as Day 3 shows are very much surrounded with this core element in their designs. 
Pauline Ning collection. 
 Depression collection.

My total look by our homegrown fashion designer, Pearly Wong

Till then, keep my December going.

November 26, 2014

Digital Fashion Week - Day 1

While mesmerising the style moments at Digital Fashion Week, I couldn't help but pay more attention on my fashion blogger friends whom we were out and about the shows in our most fabulous ensembles. Everyone was decking out in their very own styles and of course taking lots of ootd shoots with each other. Besides the fabulous dressing up, we were enjoyed drinking, and making our own cocktails during the one-to-one mixology session while chilling in between the shows at our VIP lounge area. 

Black never go wrong. I was wearing Cookie design from Lonely Dream store and baby Ashley was in full set of Pearly Wong. 

We even went backstage and I was expecting naked models (yes, don't judge), oh wasn't turned out as expected but I was really excited to see the close ups of all the designs and greeted the designers (if I'm lucky enough). Yes of course, I was lucky enough to meet the talented designer Max Tan.

At the catwalk space, Max Tan opened the show with the world's oldest supermodel Carmen Dell'Orefice donning his creations at the grand finale featured a stunning cocoon sleeved fuchsia pink coat. Cocoon coat and oversized designs with a touch of neon colours, Max Tan successfully brought the sic fi styling on the runway with the winged sunglasses adorning the models.  Besides Max Tan, You You and In Good Company showed strong also presented their SS15 collection. You You was all about casual sporty with a mix of trapeze structure silhouettes, sheer panels and fluted sleeves. I was in love with the designs in powder blue and silver. In Good Company was all about sporty luxe. Bias cutting and soft tailoring with designs mixing of fabrics and dipped hemlines . The show also surprised us with adorable kids walking down the runway with matching designs.  

Our party didn't end with the ending of Day 1 DFW, we went for second round Halloween party first at 1 Altitude but we queued for an hour but still didn't manage to get in the lift, and therefore we didn't bother to wait any longer and headed straight to Zouk, Singapore. Our night ended perfectly with the bubbles, alcohols and moves in the club. 
Till then, stay tune for more Digital Fashion Week posting.