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It's been 3 months since my Europe trip and I've been wanting to write about my favourite city among all I visited - Greece. It's a fantastic country that offer everything from beaches and islands to culture and history as well as delicious food and friendliest locals among EU.

If you haven't been to Greece, here are why:
#1 Plaka 
Plaka is one of the most picturesque neighbourhoods in Athens, with its small alleys, lovely neoclassical buildings and small cafes, traditional tavernas, souvenir ships and ancient ruins in almost every corner. It's located in the heart of the center Athens, just under the Acropolis hill, yet has a totally different vibe than the rest of the city center, creating a feeling of nostalgia of the old Athens. 
A special mention needs to be made here to Anafiotia, the most unique spot overlooking the Acropolis hill. 

#2 Monastiraki Flea Market 
An instagram walk around Monastiraki in Athens as it offers quirky items from antique to touristy items. They have similar small shops of which most of them are same stuff you will find on Adrianou street in Plaka too. 

#3 The Acropolis 
It's one of the world's greatest treasure. Athens sits under the watchful eye of the Parthenon, the ancient temple - the Erechtion, has beautiful stonework and the stunning theatre, the Odeon of Herodes Atticus, are all must check-list.

#4 Acropolis Museum
The Acropolis Museum is a must-see as it offers priceless artifacts found on the Acropolis and spanning a period from the Mycenaean times up to the Roman and Early Christian eras. 

#5 Syntagma Square
We randomly walked pass this central square while heading for desserts. Apparently it is a one of the touristy spot. 

#6 Exarcheia (Downtown Athens)
Exarcheia has edgy alternative vibe, its streets decorated with politically charged murals and lined with anarchist bookshops and many nice coffee shops. 

#7 Mount Lycabettus
It was not in our top 3 list to visit this place, but apparently we found out our airbnb were right at the bottom of the hill so why not. We took a small hike (with stairs) and a cable car up to see the best sunset in Athens. 
Till then, wait for my food lists! 
Last November, my best friend and I took a food-themed trip to Tokyo and it was the best decision we ever made. We spent almost 10 days there exploring food and drinks, below is the list that I have and perhaps you can pin it as a reference the next time you visit.

#1 Viking Bakery F 
They make all sorts of gluten free bread. I bought the earl grey loaf and it was the best bread I ever have!

#2 Ginza West, West Aoyama branch
There are two outlets in Tokyo. Only the Aoyama branch serves the pancake. Be there early and expect a line. 

#3 Coffee Wrights
Situated at Omotesando, this coffee place is perfect after shopping. 

#4 Blue Bottle Coffee, Roppongi branch
There are a few chains for Blue Bottle, this is one of the nicest in term of the atmosphere. We stumbled upon this coffee place meanwhile walking to The National Art Center. 

#5 Menchirashi 麵散
So good that we went there twice. The egg and udon is to die for!!!

#6 Ginza Kazami 
The broth and the ramen here is super fresh. I personally prefer the soup one. 

#7 Afuri
The ramen chain that never fail you. I love love the yuzu broth. 

#8 Ginza Soba Sasuga (蕎麥 流石)
One Michelin Star soba sure made my taste buds dance. 

#9 Shin Udon 慎
Located in Shinjuku, make it in your to-eat list if you are nearby. They handmade their udon, hence it was so chewy when I had it. The dipping sauce added with raw egg was so amazingly good too. 

#10 Kaneko Hanesuke(金子半之助)
Cheap, big & delicious. I swear this was the best tempura don with 1 whole anago, tender ika (cuttlefish), 2 big prawns, 1 green pepper and 1 slice of seaweed and tempura egg. They have queue like 24/7, so please go there either as early or late as possible to avoid lining up more than an hour as the shop itself is very small. 

#11 Luke Lobster
Needless any introduction. They are so successful that they have extended their shop to offer dining-in experience too. 

#12 Gyukatsu 
Deep fried wagyu cutler never been better, and yes I ordered the big one. 

#13 Torikizoku
Cheap and affordable yakitori, hence why we ended up over-ordering. 

#14 Nishi-Azabu Taku 
Two-michelin star omakase just made us speechless. 

#15 Lupin
Since 1928, Lupin is one of the oldest speakeasy bar in town. Expect to pay cover charges apart from the drinks, which are priced on the higher side. 

#15 Ibrew Shinbashi
This affordable, cheerful, crowded bar is the perfect place after working hour. With competitive price at 390 yen for half pint and 690 yen for a pint, and you can choose up to 30 different brews on tap. 

I have covered some coffee, restaurants (mostly noodles), don, sushi, and bars. I hope you guys love eating as much as I am. 
More food trips like these please.