January 7, 2015

Digital Fashion Week - Day 5

Bringing you all back to Digital Fashion Week dated 2014.
I was wearing another piece from our Malaysia local designer, Beverly.
Bev C dress// Camilla Skovgaard boots // Marc Jacobs necklace
Here are just me and some DFW Insiders hanging out between the shows. 

Day 5 of DFW marked the finale showcases in Singapore. Guest designers Cristiano Burani from Italy and Fyodor Golan from London have well presented their Spring Summer collection. Christiano Burani’s SS15 gave an overall impression of casual sporty wear to chill by the beach. His effortless styling with gingham checks of the 60s, loose silhouettes of pencil skirts and midi dresses with see through fabrics and his essential summer accessories – flip flops and nylon backpacks have very much won my heart for the perfect summer looks.
Before Fyodor Golan’s show, I had my outfit changed. Outfit details breakdown:
Dude and The Duchess top and bottom // Topshop inner bralet

The closing show of Fyodor Podgorny and Golan Frydman was definitely one to watch. The collection has embedded a strong youthful character with colour busting and digital prints and silhouettes. There were exaggerated full frocks in embellished plastic floral appliqués and short geometric dresses making it the highlight of the collection. Paired with every single outfit came digitally structured high platform shoes in multicolours, which I absolutely adored. 
With the designers. 
Thank you Digital Fashion Week Singapore team for such a wonderful experience. There are more upcoming posts of DFW in Bangkok, stay tune.

December 31, 2014

Year-end thoughts

Well, that was quick isn’t it? We are set to pack 2014 away, and ready to raise a New Year’s toast. I find the end of a year to be bittersweet where you are excited for what’s to come next but also can’t help thinking back to what I accomplished this past year. A year end means time for remembering, reevaluating, and reimplementing for the better ones.  

2014 was one of the most “challenging” years, though it put me down for most of the times but I managed to go through every single ones. I’m lucky to have friends and that special someone to be by my side when life screwed up. I was lost, and those days were the darkest. I didn’t know how and where to express my feelings. I talked to a few, but none of them can actually stop me from thinking why these would happen and why me. Only you yourself and till the day I realised everything happen for a reason, I accepted the fact and moved on with my life. Those were just stages of life.

I wouldn't be who I am now if I didn't go through those dark days. I'm happy I'm now a stronger and more independent woman. I am able to seek my own happiness. Little things in life are able to make me happy. For instance, spend time with my Woody boi once in a month, have quality time with my loved ones, read a good book, drink a good coffee, to have a partner who would want to explore business opportunities with you and etc... What more could I ask for. 

2014 was great because I started off my own bikini business, however because of my full-time job and my business partner (Michiekins who now a mother) we both couldn't dedicate all to our business. Next year, we need to work harder to make this dream grow bigger. I got my own car, like finally. Thanks to my parents to pamper me so well, I love you daddy mummy. GBGTV is growing strong, and people recognize us as a team. I'm so lucky to have teammates that share the same passion in my blogging career. Next year, Nanny Saw gonna bring us all to strive further and I'm so looking forward to it.

My Near Year resolution is to be more grateful in life. To know who and what are important in life, set my priorities right, and move towards them. Let's us all finger-crossed for a better 2015 :)
Happy New Year, my beloved readers. 

December 26, 2014

How I spent my 2014 Christmas

 Happy Boxing Day guys!!! 
I hope everyone have a wonderful time with their families and friends during this festive season. I've endless Christmas celebrations this year and these are my 2nd and 4th. 

Christmas celebration round 2 was with the Goh's and his closest friends. Boyfriend decided to cook for an advance Christmas celebration. It was my first time making Christmas dinner, by making I mean helping boyfriend out in the kitchen. Grocery shopping was easy because he knew what to buy and what I did was just to list down the ingredients. The cooking part was more interesting because I managed to get my hands on the real works. 

WL's Xmas menu:
1. Dauphinoise potatoes
2. Mushroom soup (missing the pic, but it was the best mushroom soup ever)
3. Bruschetta with tomatoes and basil/sautéed mushroom 
4. Pesto pasta
5. Grilled chicken with guacamole and Dijon mustard
6. Pan grilled salmon (missing the pic, probably because everyone diggin' in too fast)
7. Apple crumble

Excuse our last minute set-up, but it was fine. Good job to Penny of successfully arranging the seatings and getting 17 pairs of serving utensils. Of course, she borrowed some :p It was very homie and warm, and what we lacking of were the chilly weather and snow. 

Christmas celebration round 4 with friends @ Genting. 
I said I wanted to celebrate it under a chilly weather and here we were, having a barbecue party up on the hill. It was raining during Xmas eve and I swear it was super cold that night. Luckily I have my sweater on, else the whole time I would be like "Let's move the party back to our hotel room...". We played Beer Pong, Sushi game (loser gonna eat wasabi) and exchanged our gifts. I was so happy to always have friends during celebration like this. They make you feel less lonely. You know you just don't want to be alone during Christmas, especially your family and your loved one is not around. 

I really have a month of wonderful celebrations,  5 more days to 2015!!! I just can't wait for new year countdown.
What will be your new year resolution?
I'll share with you mine on the next write-up, stay tune x

December 10, 2014

Advance Christmas Dinner @ The Point

No chilly willy Christmas celebration this year because I'm gonna be in town. Most of my friends and boyfriend (ahem, yes new boyfriend) will be travelling and celebrating a White Christmas this year make me so jealous! Malaysia, can you snow? 

Now where's my Christmas celebration spirit? Neither I have that time and effort to stock up any house deco nor I've planned any Christmas outfits. I don't even have a Christmas playlist in my car, major failed. But at least me and my friends had an advance Christmas dinner before everyone leaving town. Special thanks to Valarie for preparing this special Xmas menu for us paired with champagne and wine. What a wonderful night with my #chuchehmeow group :D

First entree: Citrus cured salmon, soy bean puree and quinda; Tartare of hokkaido scallop with toast; Tataki of Australian kindfish, corrander pesto and lemongrass prawn
Second course: Crispy quail with risotto; Cold angel hair pasta with oysters, salmon roe and whitebait 
Main course: Saikoyaki baked black cod with fennel and calamari salad, carrot puree; Seared black angus beef, sautéed mix mushrooms and braised ribs, pickle shallot salad and roasted garlic jus 
Dessert: Sticky date pudding with vanilla ice cream and gula melaka sauce
Chef Bryan deserved a toast for cooking such delicious dishes. My favourite will be the black angus beef and tataki kindfish. 

Meet my boyfie 

Finally a collage of our #chuckehmeow members, missing Desmond and Justin here who were missing out the fun! Everyone were asked to prepare a gift at RM9.90 and we were exchanging them in between dinner. Patrick got the most hilarious present of all, KFC chicken and I got a bunch of bananas and some sponge. You can sort out our own imagination with the person who got me this gift. Most of them bought condoms or even vibrator as gifts, typical men! Boyfriend has groundless present ever, rubber finger gloves that use to count cash. What!!! Lucky David got the gloves, lol :D

Wish everyone Merry Christmas and Happy New Year in advance. 
To more happiness x