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When it comes to skincare, keep my skin hydrated and plum has always been my no.1 priority. 
Recently I got my hands on Dr. Wu HYALUCOMPLEX Hydrating System products and I'm falling in love on how light-weight and skin-friendly they are. 

 Target for dehydrated and sensitive skin type, the fifth-generation HYALUCOMPLEX Hydrating System utilizes the revolutionary HYALUCOMPLEX - the perfect combination of hyaluronic acid in high and low molecular weights. It basically means the new formula helps to achieve long-lasting hydrating effects and gives a glowing complexion all the time. 

There are major 3 steps for this HYALUCOMPLEX Hydrating System series. 
STEP 1: Cleanse & Toner
The Hydrating Gel Cleanser contains intensive, non-irritating hydrating formula that is gentle and pH-balanced. It locks in plenty of moisture while cleansing. Hence, you wouldn't feel the tightness as compared to some cleanser on the market. 
The Intensive Hydrating Toner contains high concentration of hydrating essence, helps to repair and restore smoothness and softness of the dehydrated skin. 

STEP 2: Serum / Mask
The Intensive Hydrating Serum promotes all-round skin revitalization and accelerates metabolism to restore smooth and glowing skin. I use it for day and night. Don't worry about its richness. It's so light-weight that is suitable to use during the day time as well. If you think you need a instant hydration boost, Dr. Wu's Extreme Hydrate Bio-Cellulose Mask is the easy-way-out. 

STEP 3: Lotion/Gel Moisturizer 
I use Extra Hydrating Lotion during the day as it has a mild formula to lock in hydration and maintaining long lasting effects during the day. If you are in a rush, I would suggest you to use the Intensive Hydrating Gel (skipping the serum) as it is an all-in-one time-minimising skincare concept. The gel formula is mild and easily to absorb into our skin. Its anti-aging and skin defense benefits is maximized with the finest scutellarein extracts from the Alps combined with green algae extracts from tidal zones. 

On the side, I always love using Hydrating Glacier Water Mist. It is so multifunctional. You can use it as a moisturizer before applying makeup, a setting formula after applying makeup, a primer for other beauty products, a facial skincare mask, or a calming moisturizer on standby at all time. I just wish Dr. Wu can consider to come out with travel size :p

If you ask me about any skincare tips, I would say always focus on hydration as it's the based of everything. 

Let me know what your skin concern on the comments below, I will try to help by sharing my own experiences.

Months ago when H&M launched its annual Conscious Exclusive Collection, I was lucky to be invited to Shanghai to experience the launch and met the creative advisor at H&M, Ann-Sofie Johansson to speak a little more about the collection. 

During the launch event, we learnt about the history of the Conscious Exclusive Collections and the innovation of recycled materials that have been used and created during the journey. 

Anne took her time out to talk sustainability, challenges, and future goals. 

The team's catalyst of this year's lineup was the artful home, life and work of Carl and Karin Larsson. Carl is one of Sweden's most famous artist, known for his intimate and idyllic - depictions of his family's life in the country at Sundborn. After the couple married, Karin gave up her easels and canvases to raise their family, and channelled her creativity into decorating her home. She made furniture (remade, repaint), clothing for her family. 

Beautiful, versatile and sustainable. 

Fabric sometimes can take years to develop. But H&M now have a long list of sustainable materials that can be used like recycled polyester, recycled glass, recycled plastic, recycled wool, organic linen, just to name a few. This year, we are so happy to introduce two new sustainable materials, recycled silver and ECONYL®, a 100% regenerated nylon fibre from fishnets and other nylon waste, into this collection. Innovation is the key. As some of the materials are not doable to make great clothes right now in mass production but perhaps in the future. For instance, orange fibre is an example of recycled source. 

Inspire and engage people. We hope to create more awareness of sustainability and make it affordable to the mass. We are also looking to use technology to make it more sustainable. For instance, using VR to do fitting and make changes more instantly instead of creating tons of sample clothes. 

Post-event hangouts. 
Coffee at S.Engine.
Drinks at Botanist. 

Shanghai, you have been amazing. 
Till next time. 
Bangkok is always a good idea.

I believe most of us have visited Bangkok and they are known for their amazing local food, long-list of instagrammable cafes, and cheap shopping deals at their markets. So many reasons to love Bangkok. 

I visited Bangkok last 2 months  ago during Songkran festival with the invitation by SO Sofitel Bangkok. The experience was once in a lifetime. Let me put it this way, I think I would prefer to get wet in a pool party rather than on the street with my makeup and outfit being splashed by random people. They even go after me if they see I'm in my dry clothes. TOTAL NOT MY KIND OF PARTY.

Apart from the Songkran, the rest of the itinerary was just amazing. 
We stayed in the Water Room under SO Sofitel, which there is a bathtub facing Lumpini Park. There are 3 other room types with a different concept covering Earth, Wood, Metal and Fire. 
The Metal Room wasn't too bad as well. 

The pool view.

SO Spa is always a good idea to cure your soreness after a long hour flight. 

You can even get your caffeine fixed at KOF, which just located at the G floor of the hotel. 

Ever since I pick up gym, I will try to work out whenever I travel. SO Sofitel gym will be one of the hotels that offers such extensive gym facilities.

I have no words for this view. 
The hotel also offers fine dining experience at Park Society (highest floor). 

Apart from the activities in the hotel, I also check-listed some cafes, bars and local food. The only pitfall travelling to Bangkok during Songkran is most of the restaurants will be closed. If you are a foodie, don't come during this time. 
Cafe: Boyy & Son

Cafe: Featherstone

Local eats: Khao Tom Pla Kimpo
Local This long-standing boiled rice and fish spot is near Asiatique. The distinguishing element is the clear broth, made mainly from pork and fish bones topped with garlic chips.

Bar: Sugar Ray, You've Just Poisoned
Entrance can be creepy, girls who are afraid of toys are not suggested to visit this bar alone *wink*. 

Restaurant: Issaya Siamese 
Fusion thai dishes that offer less spicy taste. Their highlight is probably their dessert show. 

Watch more visuals via my Bkk video too. 
Till next travel destination.