November 18, 2014

Join Me @ La Senza's Bra Fit Workshop

I believe styling goes beyond outerwear; innerwear (lingerie) should be taken care of as well as your ensemble does. (Read more about how I value innerwear styling here). Often you caught your girlfriends saying, ‘Well, I’m the only one who’s going to see it, so it doesn’t matter what lingerie I wear?”. There, they are short-changing the most valuable feminine assets and it’s time to give them the love and quality they deserve. 

Together with La Senza Malaysia, I’ll share my opinions on how to start your outfit planning with your underwear drawer. Join me at La Senza’s Exclusive Bra Fit Workshop this weekend to know more!

Workshop details as below:
Date - 23rd November 2014 (Sunday)
Time - 3pm to 5pm
Venue - La Senza, Pavilion

The workshop will be conducted by La Senza’s very own Bra Fit Training Expert sharing lingerie knowledge about cup size measurement, the importance of the right fit, care instructions on how to maintain our lingerie and introduction to La Senza’s wide range of collections. Besides, we will get one-to-one bra fit consultation with La Senza’s experts followed by one hour shopping with special in-store promotions as such:
40% OFF with RM400 nett purchase (If you're already a La Senza Prestige Card member, you'll get additional 10% off. That makes it 50% OFF!

FREE La Senza goodie bag + RM50 Gift Card

Sign up for La Senza Prestige VIP Card at RM30 during the event and receive a FREE Cotton panty (valued up to RM39)

Only 6 lucky readers with their plus one (so 12 girls in total) can win these exclusive passes by just rsvp to along with your name, contact number, and email address. La Senza team will handpick the winners before this weekend, so do submit your entries ASAP.
I’m so excited to meet you girls at the workshop party filled with lots of sexy lingerie fun!
See you this Sunday @ La Senza, Pavilion. 

November 15, 2014

Styling tips - Denim on Denim look

Never Follow Suit sleeveless top // Topshop jeans // Jeffrey Campbell shoes // Balenciaga bracelet

Fashion rules are meant to break, say the Canadian Tuxedo which was once fabled faux pas in the 90s has evolved into a chic sartorial trend. This shift is pretty much attributed to the rise of street style blogger. You can even seen this look on Cara Delevingne, Cameron Diaz, Rihanna and many more other A-listers.

When comes to dress head-to-toe denim look, some people may hesitate. Yet I love the look of head-to-toe denim ensemble because I can just pair my basic blue jeans with a button up chambray shirt. Instead of chambray, I created this denim-on-denim look with a corduroy sleeveless top, which very much look like a denim. The trick with denim-on-denim is to make sure you balance your shades of blue by pairing a lighter denim with a darker wash one that will appear fashionably edgy chic.

Can't decide what to wear for this weekend? Get yourself in gear to give this look a try.
Happy styling ladies.

November 13, 2014

All White Everything

Before kicking start Digital Fashion week, DFW insiders from all regions did a quick photoshoot at our stay @ Hotel Jen, Singapore. Surely, this hotel earns one of the best outdoor photoshoot spots I've ever been. Love this huge greenery photo wall!
Feist Heist everything // Lonely Dream store platform heels

More updates of the fashion shows and the awesome people I met during tis trip coming up on my blog.
Stay tune x

November 11, 2014

Beauty tips - Dewy skin with Belree

I've received a lot of good comments about my radiant glowing skin. Of course, Cinderella brightening treatment does help a lot at the initial stage of improving my skin tone, but the key is how to maintain it. I can't be doing Cinderella treatment every week. Then I thought maybe because I work out these day, though it isn't that consistent. Finally, I realize I've been using these skincare products for the past few months which have progressively brighten my skin.

Belree Hydrating Day and Night Cream by AM Professional Skin Care. 

Both products contain high protein botanical extracts (pinecone) which contain Vitamin A, D and E and bio-regenesis substances which penetrate deep into skin layer to revitalize the cell membrane and actively break down melanin that causes pigmentation. Basically, it helps brightening your skin!
The day cream is in harder creamy texture. Use it right after lotion for easier application.
The night cream is more creamy form where you can easily apply. It contains pearl powder, anti-bacterial and an effective anti-inflammation elements that effectively improves skin allergy meanwhile maintains skin hydration and firmness. One secret tip while using Belree, apply the day cream followed by the night one before going to bed. You will be amazed by its instant result. 

I wouldn't come across Belree if it wasn't by my reader's recommendation. She approached me during a fashion bazaar and she gave me this products which at first I thought they were another beauty products, yet I was wrong. I'm glad I've used them and they are one of my favourites skincare products! I'm so happy with my dewy looking skin :D

For purchase infor:
Instagram - 10_secret
WeChat - zoe_ten1994

To brighter, dewy, radiant, glowing skin.

October 31, 2014

Pre-Digital Fashion Week

Hello Singapore, you have been awesome so far. Met so many blogger friends these two days and they were all so down-to-earth. I feel honoured to be part of this campaign, being one of the Malaysia representative for Digital Fashion Week's Insider to share with you the latest updates of the shows and events. I was so happy to meet Sheena Liam yesterday as she will be walking the shows in Singapore. Looking forward to watch our Malaysia super model rocking at international runway. 

But before that, let's see how much I've packed for this fashion week! First thing when I checked in Hotel Jen was to unpack everything in my luggage and transformed the room just like my room back home. You could tell I'm really into monotone. Even the two weeks worth of outfits are all in black and white. Thanks to the our designer friends back in Malaysia who sponsoring all these! Couldn't be more lucky to have all outfits sorted in such short period of time. Image I have to match every outfits with shoes, accessories and bags. I'm in need of personal stylist now!!!

Today will be the first day of Digital Fashion Week, more fun-filled moments coming :D
Catch all the live updates on or follow my Instagram/Facebook page for more exclusive postings.
Also Happy Halloween everyone, have a spooky weekend!