August 9, 2014

Raya holiday @ Boracay Island, Philippines

 I've been trying to keep my blog active, which I know I wasn't doing good enough. Especially now I've started working a full-time job, it will be lesser time for me to do styling and beauty write-ups for you guys yet I believe Instagram has now become a very easy and instant platform for me to share everything. More ootds, more foodporn pictures, more selfies of course :D
You would ask me how do I keep up with working a full-time job and blogging at the same time. I guess if you love doing one thing so much, you wouldn't give up so easily no matter what. Just like how I'm giving up my 9 hours sleeping time every single day > <'''

Enough ranting about my sleepless nights, my Raya holiday was indeed well-spent. It was a beautiful island except for the part that I had to travel a long journey part in order to get there. In fact, travel to-and-fro Boracay will actually take up 2 days. From taking an almost 3 hours flight from Malaysia to Kalibo airport, one and half hour bus to the jetty, a 15 mins pick-up service from the jetty to the hotel. By the time I checked in, it was already night time so I  went out dinner with my friend and had a drink by the beach. The next morning when I woke up to this beachfront view, geez it was too beautiful. White sand beach, crystal clear water, awesome companion. What more could I ask for. 

One of the best thing to stay at Station 1 is you get to have enjoy its best island cool @ Jonah's Fruitshake which is located in a small hut along White Beach Balabag. The first sip of Avocado-Mango with milk has triggered my addiction to have every single day when I was in Borocay, lol :D  

After spending the whole morning by the beach, we decided to hunt for some good local Philippines food. While doing the research, we found Smoke Resto located in the alley of D'mall right before Andok's. It is not a posh place to eat, but if you are looking for good food with reasonable prices, then Smoke is the way to go. We didn't order much as we decided to go for a light lunch. As we didn't get to try all the dishes that noon, we actually went another round dinner here the next day :p I think Bulalo and Sinigang na Hipon are the dishes you must try when you visit here. 

When you have nothing much to do in an island, you tend to eat all the desserts...oh wait, I mean I tend to eat all the desserts :D Every time I pass by Halowich @ D'mall, it's always having a long queue so I thought giving it a try. Shaved ice with mango soft serve, mango, watermelon, pineapple, cherry, banana, red beans, cornflakes, condensed milk and topped with chocolate sauce; so many tastes in one Mango Ice. 

Took a stroll around D'mall, basically nothing much so we then headed back to Station 1 to do sunset sailing. Because it was all cloudy in the evening, we didn't manage to catch the sunset and the saddest part was my camera was damaged when the water started splashing all over me while I was on the yacht. T____T Something that I did not anticipate!!! So these are the last pictures I took before my camera died on me. 

Rounding up my second day at Boracay, we had Spanish food @ Dos Mestizos. It was quite a distance away from station 1 that you need to take a tuk-tuk alike transport (the only public transport on the island if you wanna travel to the nearby restaurants). ALL THE FOOD THERE IS DELICIOUS!!! We had homemade spanish sausage, seafood tomato soup, paella with mixed meat and seafood and of course spanish crème caramel for dessert. 

Already missing the good times in Boracay. When is the next beach getaway?

July 31, 2014

Beauty tips - Skinartesse Cinderella Stemcell Peeling

Hello there, it’s been long since my last beauty post. Today I’m gonna share with you guys my experience with Skinartesse Cinderella Stemcell Peeling.

I’ve a sensitive skin and I could think every kind of reason why I wouldn’t want acid to be poured on my face so usually I always stick to at-home peels which the result wasn’t clearly to be seen. Until I met Dr Rachel Chew, all that changed. The Green Apple Stemcell Peeling procedure is suitable for even the most delicate skin types. It is made with a gentle yet effective dose of organic green apple extract. It exfoliates and lightens hyperpigmentation, improves uneven skin tone, congested skin, and big pore, in addition melts away blackheads/whiteheads.
The treatment takes about 10 minutes, starting off with a quick cleansing process. Later the green apple extract (lactic acid) cream mask is painted on my face and left for about 2 to 3 minutes. There is this mild tingle and burning feeling that make me know it’s really working. Once it is off, a boost up serum followd up with a moisturizer is applied all over my face.

This was my skin condition right after Cinderella skin peeling treatment.
Natural glowing skin!!!

The main reason why I was persuaded to try out this skin peel is because it does not cause much downtime at all. Here is a picture a day after I done skin peeling, there was only a small breakout on my right cheek.
Other than that, you can expect neither redness nor peeling. Before I even tried to cover up my breakout, it has already gone while I was washing my face the third day. To be precise, my downtime was about 2 days. But it varies depending on your skin condition.

Days after I did Skinartesse Cinderella Stemcell Peeling…
My skin become smoother, softer, brighter :D 

For beauty enquiry, you contact them through:
Skin Art Clinic (Facebook) & skinartclinic (Instagram)


July 21, 2014

Styling tips - Asymmetric dress

Asymmetric dress and heels by Lonely Dream store // Balenciaga bracelet // Marc Jacobs necklace 

Asymmetrical cuts and patterns are designs with no new introduction, yet they can be appear in various form in sleeves, necklines, hemlines, layers, shoulders, wraps, prints and just to name a few.  I’m in love with this asymmetrical dress which is designed long at the back and short in the front. The entire geometry and symmetry involved in this dress has been completely broken taken away the rigid lines of symmetry by some deftly cut lines at its hemlines.

While styling an asymmetrical dress, take the length into consideration. A length that hits above your ankle may be a better choice if you want to lengthen your legs proportion. Often asymmetrical styles are apt for all dressy occasions; however the prints and cut of this piece allows me to easily style with flats or platform heels to tone down the femininity dressing.

It wouldn’t be easy when comes to asymmetrical styling. Dare to wear, and I’m sure you will find the fun part in creating your own style.

July 8, 2014

KL Fashion Week 2014 - Final Day

It has been a really busy month for me. Taking up an 8-5 job is quite a challenge when you are so used to stay up late, yet I'm loving every bits of this change :) This is also the reason why I've not been updating my blog recently. 

Because of work, I missed out some shows of Kuala Lumpur Fashion Week 2014 and only managed to attend the final day. White out with a touch of pastel and pop-out colours, Max Mak showed a sporty-chic collection. Pearly Wong has her models dressed in ever avant-garde punk styles with leathers, zippers and sky high platforms meanwhile Sandra Azwan sent a medley of colour blocked minidresses down the runway. 

After the show...

When time is limited, I tend to go for minimalist style. A shirt dress like this works the best for me. Loving every single details of this dress as well as the androgynous look that I managed to pull off when putting it together with my heels.  
Joe Chia shirt dress // Alexander Wang rockie bag // Lonely Dream platform shoes 
That was it for the show!

On a side note,  I always remind myself no matter how busy I am, don't ever give up of doing what I love. This is why I'm here writing this post for you guys! 
Life has been great, looking forward for the half year end.