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Last November, my best friend and I took a food-themed trip to Tokyo and it was the best decision we ever made. We spent almost 10 days there exploring food and drinks, below is the list that I have and perhaps you can pin it as a reference the next time you visit.

#1 Viking Bakery F 
They make all sorts of gluten free bread. I bought the earl grey loaf and it was the best bread I ever have!

#2 Ginza West, West Aoyama branch
There are two outlets in Tokyo. Only the Aoyama branch serves the pancake. Be there early and expect a line. 

#3 Coffee Wrights
Situated at Omotesando, this coffee place is perfect after shopping. 

#4 Blue Bottle Coffee, Roppongi branch
There are a few chains for Blue Bottle, this is one of the nicest in term of the atmosphere. We stumbled upon this coffee place meanwhile walking to The National Art Center. 

#5 Menchirashi 麵散
So good that we went there twice. The egg and udon is to die for!!!

#6 Ginza Kazami 
The broth and the ramen here is super fresh. I personally prefer the soup one. 

#7 Afuri
The ramen chain that never fail you. I love love the yuzu broth. 

#8 Ginza Soba Sasuga (蕎麥 流石)
One Michelin Star soba sure made my taste buds dance. 

#9 Shin Udon 慎
Located in Shinjuku, make it in your to-eat list if you are nearby. They handmade their udon, hence it was so chewy when I had it. The dipping sauce added with raw egg was so amazingly good too. 

#10 Kaneko Hanesuke(金子半之助)
Cheap, big & delicious. I swear this was the best tempura don with 1 whole anago, tender ika (cuttlefish), 2 big prawns, 1 green pepper and 1 slice of seaweed and tempura egg. They have queue like 24/7, so please go there either as early or late as possible to avoid lining up more than an hour as the shop itself is very small. 

#11 Luke Lobster
Needless any introduction. They are so successful that they have extended their shop to offer dining-in experience too. 

#12 Gyukatsu 
Deep fried wagyu cutler never been better, and yes I ordered the big one. 

#13 Torikizoku
Cheap and affordable yakitori, hence why we ended up over-ordering. 

#14 Nishi-Azabu Taku 
Two-michelin star omakase just made us speechless. 

#15 Lupin
Since 1928, Lupin is one of the oldest speakeasy bar in town. Expect to pay cover charges apart from the drinks, which are priced on the higher side. 

#15 Ibrew Shinbashi
This affordable, cheerful, crowded bar is the perfect place after working hour. With competitive price at 390 yen for half pint and 690 yen for a pint, and you can choose up to 30 different brews on tap. 

I have covered some coffee, restaurants (mostly noodles), don, sushi, and bars. I hope you guys love eating as much as I am. 
More food trips like these please.
Happiness is when you have a good hair day.
Women can go through years of their life finding the best hair dryer and be just fine - albeit a little frizzy. But who wants to live like that? We all deserve a blowout without frizz, flyaways, or any other kind of foolishness a hairdryer that's not up to snuff will add to your precious crown. Women deserve to get that flawless look even in the comfort of our own home. Given all there is to consider, I would recommend this new Panasonic EH-NA98 hair dryer.

Many of you must have think why invest in a much pricier hair dryer, since hair dryer is just a hair dryer after all. Here are some of the reasons to justify: 
1. NANOE technology 
NANOE hair dryer minimizes frizz and reduces hair and scalp damage.

What's NANOE technology? 
NANOE technology is nano-sized electrostatic atomized water particles. Normal hair dryers typically dry up your hair because moisturize evaporate while drying. To counter this, modern hair dryers like use negative ions to adhere to the hair surface, making hair smoother. Panasonic's unique ultra-fine NANOE ions contain 1000 times MORE the moisture held by regular negative ions, which helps moisture penetrate deeper into our hair results smoother and shinier hair. 

Apart from hair itself, NANOE moisturizes scalp to keep it healthy, preventing from dryness that typically cause damage to your hair.
NANOE also helps to suppress static electricity in hair, neutralizing the positive charge that usually generates on the surface of hair. This prevents hair from sticking up or standing at the end.

2. Voltage
The higher voltage means the less drying time needed. The shortened drying time means less exposure to heat and less damage.

3. Cool wind feature
This cool air helps to set the style. It tighten hair cuticles and resists friction damage as well as UV rays.

4. Light weight
It's one of the crucial feature making a blowout an easy job. 

Panasonic EH-NA98 hair dryer not only check list the above features, it also offers skin care mode that is beneficial to busy working women as a beauty care device. So after blow-drying your hair, you can switch it to Skin Care Mode to blow warm air onto face for about 1 min. This NANOE technology helps to retain facial skin moisturise.

I have been a Panasonic hair dryer user since forever (read here), and I personally think for its price point it is value for money with its new all-in-one features. With this upgrade, I do notice an improvement even I colour and style my hair on a regular basis.
With Panasonic EH-NA98 hair dryer, you don't just dry your hair, you beautify too.
Up until a couple of months ago, I had no intention of using 'cleansing gadgets' as an extra step to clean my face. The idea of adding one more step to my skincare regime is just not encouraging. But do you think your face needs a more thorough cleansing than it gets with just facial cleanser? If yes, you are not alone. 

The need to clean the skin more thoroughly has spurred the invention of different facial cleaning tools. With so much to choose from, it can be hard to know where to begin, but I recommend this powerful tool to help make your face-washing experience more effective than ever before. 
This facial brush works double duty, using both sonic pulsations for cleansing and lower-frequency pulsations to reduce the signs of aging. The LUNA mini 2 is an enhanced T-Sonic face brush with eight adjustable intensities for a fully customizable cleansing experience.

How I use the LUNA mini 2
Foreo is innovative. Unlike actual bristle brushes that spin or pulsate and may cause microscopic abrasions in the skin, its super soft silicone touch points pulsate to remove dead skin cells and unclog pores. These soft silicone bristles helps get into all the nooks and crannies, like around the nose and chin which often have blackhead/whitehead. The 3 touch points as shown below tell it all.

This cleansing brush is safe to use day and night, for about a min. IT'S NOT AN EXFOLIATING TOOL. I prefer to use mine just once a day, in the evening as my second cleanser, to have a deeply cleansing experience. I find all my nighttime skincare routine really absorbs better into my skin than before. As my skin is dry, I don't feel the need to get to grime busting in the morning and usually just cleanser as usual. The LUNA mini 2 times itself for how long to spend on one place on the face, and gives a double pulse when it's time to move on to another area. Even easier, this gentle silicone facial brush is totally waterproof, and the silicone exterior rinses clean with just water - which means no grimy brushes or costly brush heads!

Apart from effective cleansing, this tiny but mighty face cleansing brush comes in beautiful colours that make your skincare routine more fun. 
Since I'm a big traveller, the LUNA mini 2 is the perfect size to travel with and to have at home. My skin goes through so much in a day and even more when I travel. The dry air on the plane and the change in environment tends to irritate my skin. Ever since I started using this, it helps to keep my skin in check and more acne-free than just washing my face with hands. So if you're the type who's looking for a fuss free way of taking better care of your skin in the comfort of your home and on the go, the LUNA mini 2 is the best investment you can make for yourself!

The FOREA LUNA mini 2,  priced at RM636, is now available at Sephora online and at all Sephora physical stores in Malaysia.
Hawaii is one of those places that I can dream of. Thanks to Airasia and Hawaii Tourism, it's another ticked off my bucket list. From tropical beaches and world class surf to fiery volcanoes and lush rainforests, it can be tough planning what to do. So if you are visiting Hawaii, Oahu for the first time, then make sure to read this article. And when you are ready to book for flight, Airasia.com can help with that too!

When to go
Peak season starts from Dec to April and I heard is very famous destination for Christmas holidays. So you don't like to travel with bunch of tourists, you can visit in October or any other month throughout the year as things are slowing down a little. 

Where to go
Oahu is the classic Hawaiian island, other than Big Island, Maui, Kauai, Molokai and Lanai. Basically is like Phuket island and the rest are Koh Lipe (better understanding for Asian travellers). It's well developed with wide range hotels, restaurants and historical places to visit. 

1. Kakaako Mural
Kakaako is an up and coming cool neighborhood located in between Waikiki and downtown Honolulu. It feels like a scavenger hunt while each turning on the streets you get to see a new colour pop creation. This one fine lady here is my favourite. 

2. USS Missouri, Pearl Harbour & Aviation Museum
The USS Missouri, also known as the Mighty Mo was the last Ameri
can battleship ever built and the last to be decommissioned. The surrender of the Japanese on the deck of the Missouri brought the Second War War to an end. You can choose to take a self-guided tour or lead by an expert historian whom the tour will take you to deep inside the inner workings of the ship including the engine rooms and gun turrets. 
Aviation Museum is one of the principal Pearl Harbour Historic Site, located near the Battleship Missouri in the battlefield hangers of historic Ford Island which were attached by Imperial Japanese Navy on Dec 7, 1941 (beginning of WWII). You can learn about the attack of Pearl Harbour, the Battle of Midway, and America's mobilization for war, manufacturing aircraft and training pilots through the showcase of airplane models. 

3. Oahu Helicopter Tour
You can experience Hawaii from the high skies above Oahu, and see the island's stunning hidden valleys, rainforest, waterfalls and many more. This one hour ride started off by gliding over the vivid turquoise coral reefs of Waikiki, followed by beautiful coral formations in Kaneohe Bay, cliffs of Nuuanu Valley rainforest, breathtaking coastline to legendary Sacred Falls and the panoramic Dole Pineapple Plantation, and finishing off with Pearl Harbour, the Arizona Memorial and the Battleship Missouri. 

4. Jurassic Jungle Expedition & ATV Adventure
If adventurous traveler, you need to visit Kuoloa Ranch. It is like a vast adult playround and one of the largest expanses of valleys and peaks in Hawaii. Here is also a very popular film location with many of the Top Jurassic Park scenes were filmed. 
Here's one of the scenes in Kong: Skull Island.

5. Polynesian Cultural Center
You can spend the whole day at Polynesian Cultural Center, which covers cultural knowledge about 6 island villages including Hawaii, Fiji, Aotearoa (New Zealand), Samoa, Tahiti and Tonga. Set on 42 acres along Oahu's North Shore, the Polynesian Cultural Center has a lagoon that hosts daily canoe tours, takes guests on a journey to learn about Hawaii's royalty while enjoying traditional Polynesian food. 

6. Waikele Premium Outlet
Make sure you bring enough money when you come here. The Waikele oulet offers bargains in over 50 legendary brands. I would definitely recommend you to shop some Calvin Klein, Tommy Hilfiger and Levi's. 

7. Waikiki Beach 
There is no doubt that Waikiki beach is the top of all tourist attractions. Along this world famous, 2 miles stretch of white sand beach, there are a number of great spots to go for tanning, surfing, and taking in a beautiful Hawaiian sunset. When we finish at the beach, the nightlife of Waikiki is just steps away making it super convenient for travellers.  

8. Sunset Beach
We spent good quiet hours at Sunset Beach. It is also one of Oahu highlights that makes the perfect all-day beach affair. 

That pretty much sum up all the activities and stay tune for my Hawaii's food/drinks post.