April 22, 2015

Ed Sheeran Concert live in Kuala Lumpur

Was scrolling through my library and I though I shall write about the concert I went last month. Ed Sheeran X Tour was amazingly great. My girlfriends and I were so jealous because Daphne managed to meet Ed in person, but I guess she deserved it. Everyone knows how much Daphne loves Ed, she even told us she wanted to marry him, lol. Hardcore fan!
I didn't took much pictures that night because I was giving my full attention watching his performance. I've to say Ed is really really good. His ginger hair wasn't that bad when I saw him in real, I mean it looked perfectly fine from far :D 
The only annoying part during the concert was some people screaming and shouting like "I love you Ed"  in the middle of him singing some romantic love songs. BIG NO NO to all the fans out there. It was funny when Ed was trying to calm his fans down while he was trying to play Tenerife Sea. Guess  whoever who loves to scream shall learn watching concert etiquette to know when to cheer and scream at the right time.

I recorded some videos. Pardon my shaky hands as I've tried my best to stabilise whilst watching Ed performed. 

Thank you GWL for bringing me to watch him live, I was so touched when he sang our song that night *goosebumps*. 
Ed Sheeran concert checked, more amazing concerts like this please. 

March 28, 2015

Styling tips - Sandals work with every outfits

Twenty3 bralet and skirt // Melissa x Karl Lagerfeld sandals 

There are something about an open-toe shoes that is simply irresistible. I have worn these classic shoe styles almost too many times to count - it's easy to see why. These sleek, single sole shoes are incredibly versatile and flattering. There is nothing they don't match. Pair it with the pearls accent Violatta sandals to complement my monotone hue. 

When on-the-go, comfort is key. Flat, strap sandals are a no-brainers if you are looking to thwart blisters and painful arches. Play with colours and patterns to bring out a specific colour in the outfit, though I always prefer monochrome colour palette. You can score this pair of classic sandals at M Dreams boutique

March 21, 2015

Styling tips - Go all black

BevC Clothing top and trousers // Camilla Skovgaard boots // Saint Laurent leather cuff

Black is basic, black is essential, black is everything. Friends around love to dress in black lately, even myself sometimes prefer to put on a full black/white outfit. I guess when you have so much things needed to be taken care, all you want is minimalism styling and easily achieve effortless chic look. 

This full black look was taken last year during Digital Fashion Week in Bangkok. Play around with singular colour by putting different fabrics together. This is the fun part when it comes to styling. 
Hope you enjoy your weekend, if you follow GBGTV I'll see you guys tomorrow at Project Space. 

March 9, 2015

Bangkok's Food and Drink 101

How I miss Bangkok? The food, especially. It was not my first time visiting the city, and I ended up going back to the same restaurants mostly because I wanted to try the authentic thai food. However there were some changes when I last visited Bangkok. I managed to go to two new restaurants, which I will feed you all with more visuals later.

#1 Roast Coffee and Eatery
Located in hip-and-happening Thong Lo, everything here is perfect except for the part of getting there which is not accessible by train. We took a cab here. Its unique brunch menu with great ambience is definitely worth to pay a visit. I had their famous Crab Cake Benedict. Poaches egg and Hollandaise sauce makes every bite dreamy. My foodie partner tried its Cassoulet. I didn’t even bother to try his because mine was too good, lol. How would we possibly not order desserts since we have come so far? Knowing we couldn’t finish two desserts, but we insisted to order both raspberry tiramisu and chocolate soufflĂ©. Both taste so goooood!

#2 Vesper Cocktail Bar and Restaurant
Known for its unique cocktail, we found an excuse to drink during dinner. Located in the heart of Silom, Vesper offers authentic Italian and Spanish dishes. We ordered Pulpo Galicia (roasted giant octopus), risotto with white truffle goodness and Wagyu steak for sharing. Everything was fine, but the early grey cocktail was the boom. They called it Secret Earl Grey where the earl grey-infused gin was served with clove water over dry ice. Too cool!

#3 Maggie Choo’s
The hidden gem where you enjoy the latest and greatest nightlife venue in Bangkok. Boyfriend and I just thought we should pop by after dinner, and the place was all packed with no seats available. I will recommended you guys to make a reservation before you come as they have rooms designed like ancient China dynasty theme and you can chill and drink with your friends while watching the ladies in Chinese gowns hanging on swings or cage or and enjoying the live bands playing. 

I want Bangkok now, who's up to travel with me?

February 28, 2015

Michiekins's birthday weekend

Very much how we spent MichieKins birthday weekend.

She set her birthday party on the Valentine's Day, and I was like nobody going to come to your party Mich but apparently all friends/couples came. She said they were all too old to celebrate Valentine's Day. I was like ok, let's have a group Valentine's celebration along with your birthday. Marcus (MichieKins's husband) playing the chef of the day, barbecuing awesome king prawns, chicken wings, squids and lots more seafood for us. With alcohol, everything taste better isn't it? :D

Jacuzzi with a view, too good to be true!

 So we manage to surprise her with two giant boxes. She has no clue we bought her Mima Moon chair which she has been wanting all this time. I guess being a mom made her change all her wish list from handbags to baby-related items yet still keeping the fashionable element in them even when it comes to baby products. 

The next day, we have a private birthday high tea spent @ M Marini Caffè because Su Anne couldn't make it to the party last night. All dressed in black, we took endless outfit photos all credit to Jasiminne jiejie. The food wasn't very impressive, both presentation and taste. I would say it was too overpriced to have such food quality like this. I think they should really consider to change their savoury and desserts supplier to match with such beautiful elegant atmosphere. 

My outfit breakdown:
Topshop top // Jas's skirt (because my skirt zipper spoiled while walking to M Marini, lol) // Stella McCartney bag // Vincci flats

I'm so happy to be your only meimei, Mich. You have been a good friend, a sister, a business partner, a family to me. Thanks for your love, care, kindness and many more. Aquarius vs Leo, BFF forever! 
Here again, I wish you a very happy birthday and cheers to more memories together.