March 1, 2017

SK-II: Face the Wold l Face the Camera Extreme Expeditions

As we kicking off 2017, I'm happy to share with you guys I'm now part of the SK-II Malaysia Beauty Circle - an exclusive group of members that comprise of Malaysia's influencers and celebrities to share their inspirational story of success, as well as expertise in their own individual fields. 

Having to try their products for months, I'm absolutely in love with their Facial Treatment Essence or some named it miracle water. It seems unremarkable at the first few weeks, however with regular use my skin become softer and smoother. It also gives a healthy glow while keeping my skin from aging.

Powered by over 90% Pitera™, SK-II Facial Treatment Essence acts directly on the five dimensions of texture, radiance, firmness, pigmentation and wrinkle resilience - or what is it the tangible proof to realize beautiful crystal clear skin. Putting this into test, SK-II works together with National Geographic put celebrities to travel to some of the world most extreme and beautiful places to test their skin with SK-II's iconic Facial Treatment Essence. 
SK-II: Face the Wold l Face the Camera Extreme Expeditions, which premieres today, comprises of four riveting short vignettes following the unique adventures of four celebrities, Chiara Ferragni (global fashion icon), Kasumi Arimura (award winning Japanese actress), Nini (Chinese actress) and Lee Si Young (South Korea actress and national boxer), as they subject their skin to the perils of some of the world's toughest environment. 

Chiara Ferragni undergoes a stressful expedition to explore the ancient topography of the parched and scorching Anza Borrego Desert, one of the most arid places in Western America, fighting dehydration, dizziness and dry heat. 

Kasumi Arimura battles harsh UV, sweltering heat and biting insects on a photo assignment in the oppressively hot and dense Yanbaru jungle in Okinawa, Japan. 

Nini endures a challenging trek through a frozen and dry mountain range in Northern China, subjecting her skin to the tortures of bitterly cold sub-zero temperatures and arid conditions. 
Lee Si Young ventures into one of the most stunning but dangerous locations on earth, Indonesia's active Ijen Volcano taking on the strains of harmful sulfurous fumes. 

I visited Mount Ijen last year and I still remembered how bad was the sulfurous fumes that caused rashes and redness on my skin. If only I was using SK-II Facial Treatment Essene back then, my skin would probably recover faster. 

Proven by the four celebrities, SK-II's signature ingredient Pitera™ has the ability to maintain crystal clear skin even when up against harsh environments. I can't wait to discover what Pitera™ can do for me in my future adventures. 
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February 2, 2017

Flavour of Hanami @ Cube_1, Isetan

Happy Chinese New Year guys!  
After eating all the tarts and cookies, perhaps you might be interested to try out some flavour of Hanami at Cube_1, Istean the Japan Store Kuala Lumpur. 

Thanks to Dai Nippon Printing Co. Ltd (DNP), I was able to experience the Flavour of Hanami Live Presentation and Tasting by Chef Shogo Sasaki (chef from the famous restaurant IZUU in Kyoto) before I went off for CNY holiday.
I was lucky enough to experience hanami when I was in Toyko 3 years back and it was one of the best cultural experience I ever have. Hanami means enjoying the blooming cherry blossom with food and camaraderie. To help us Malaysian emulate a similar experience and learn about the traditional Japan custom, DNP brings the Flavour of Hanami which showcases hanami themed activities, including the Gallery where we learn about the history of Hanami bento boxes, and follow by the Theater whereby a short video of Japan's four seasons and history of Kyoto food was presented.

Lastly, it is the live presentation and tasting where Chef Shoga Sasaki showed us how to make his two signature dishes, Saba-sugatazushi (mackerel sushi) and Chirasizushi (scattered topping sushi). 
  The sushi was amazingly delicious!!!

After showcasing his signature dishes, Chef Sasaki also told us the story behind IZZU's logo. IZZU has long been a part of Japan's culinary history as it was the first restaurant in the world to offer mackerel sushi.
Over the course of four weekend up till the end of March, four renowned Japanese chefs will carry out live presentations of their Kyoto-style Japanese specialties. The other upcoming live presentation and tasting sessions as below: 
Tsuruse: 18 – 19 February 2017
Chikurin: 4 –  5 March 2017
Kinobu: 18 – 19 March 2017
There are three session per day, 12pm - 130pm, 3pm - 430pm, or 6pm to 730pm. Seats are limited to the first 25 people and the entrance ticket is RM100 (including GST). Ticket can be purchased here and you can even get an early bird promotion price at RM80 only!
You would not want to miss this opportunity to taste these dishes otherwise would only be found upon visiting Kyoto.
Thank you again Chef Shogo Sasaki.

January 16, 2017

Spring in Sydney: 10 Restaurants & Bars You Need to Visit (Part 2)

 It's is summer now in Sydney and I have been missing the good old times last year when Destination of New South Wales (DNSW) showed us how to live like a local by taking a local ferry past the Sydney Opera House or visit the local farmers' markets. We even walked through the quaint neighbourhoods and sip local brew at cafe. Here are some of the eateries and cafes I have check-listed when I was there. 

#1 The Grounds
 Located in an old pie factory from the early 1900's, The Grounds of Alexandria is the flagship venue for its specialty coffee. The site hosts a coffee research and testing facility alongside a cafe, opening onto a luscious garden of heirloom vegetables and fragrant herbs. 

#2 Bel & Brio
Situated in the foodie precinct of Barangaroo, Bel & Brio takes inspiration from traditional European cooking styles to create dishes that are centered on fresh produce, much of which is grown on the Bel & Brio Farm. I also had my first Rum Baba, a dessert from Southern Italy.

#3 Doyles on the Beach
Watsons Bay is Australia's oldest fishing village and remains a thriving local inlet popular for its scenic locale and fresh seafood. Overlooking a prime expanse of Sydney Habrour, the restaurant has long been a fine dining Sydney institution for those looking to experience fresh fish, lobsters, prawns and more. 

#4 Bill's
Bill Granger's restaurant reflects the Australian's spirit - sunny, easy-going and generous. I wasn't welling too well that day, hence there are not food pictures being taken for this restaurant. However do remember to try the famous ricotta hotcakes and sweetcorn fritters if you are visiting.

#5 Moore Park Produce Market
Moore Park Produce Market is aimed to connect the best NSW growers, producers, chefs and artisans. The market is curated by chef Matt Kemp, who is passionate about fresh local produce. Apart from showcasing the best in local produce, it features weekly workshops and cooking demonstrations.

#6 Black Star Pastry
 Pop by Black Star Pastry @ Rosebery and try the famous instagram-worthy strawberry watermelon cake!

#7 Three Blue Ducks
Connected with Koskela next door, Three Blue Ducks is just beautiful, garden lush and green. The cafe focus on unique dishes made with smoke and fire. Its Argentinian grill in the garden gets fired up every chance it gets; with whole lambs, pigs and large cuts of beef.

#8 Little Beach Boathouse
Nelson Bay's newest waterfront restaurant, Little Beach Boathouse offers uninterrupted views over the ocean while enjoying a modern fresh Australian food.

#9 Papa Gedes Bar
 Hidden down in a cobblestone laneway off Kent Street, Papa Gedes offers tiki cocktails, absinthes and herbal elixirs with their unique witch doctor style. The bar is dimly lit, with candles and lamps providing just the right ambience to showcase their voodoo magic.

#10 Lobo Plantation
 Named after Cuban sugar baron Julio Lobo, this place is a shrine to the rum bottle. The bar is bedecked with rattan lamps and bentwood bar stools, a small subterranean patch of the Caribbean, sun faded, time worn. 

That was pretty much I had visited during my Sydney trip. Hopefully I can cover more countries this year and explore new culture, food and experience. 2017 gonna be a good good year :)