July 21, 2017

I Never Expire

Do women in Asia feel they have an expiration date? 
I say yes. The feeling get stronger as I'm turning 26 in few weeks time. I am constantly being put under my family and relatives' pressure about when I'm getting married and what have I achieve every year. I believe there are many women around the world feel the same as often society set a artificial deadline and expectations on women to achieve specific goals in terms of family or work by a certain age. 

I was complaining about my age with my girlfriends earlier and we all discussed and agreed that we all should find ourselves first before we commit into a relationship or marriage. We all are constantly trying to find a balance between living up with the society norm and chasing after our dreams. 

It's undeniably that we live in a world where there is perception that a woman will only be truly happy if she finds a man to marry. It is saddening for women who still think this way because they are putting their lifetime happiness on someone that they think they should marry just because there is a timeline to hit. 

I was recently shown the video The Expiry Date well-made by SK-II and have felt immensely inspired ever since watching it. It is based on the perception that women are born with an expiry date and a short shelf life of being worthy. At the end of the film, women from three different countries change their destiny by tackling this age-related pressure and liberate themselves from this narrow viewpoint. 

I certainly have to agree with the film that women face this age-related pressure more than our male counterparts. We are the ones who hear the ticking clock as it get physically more difficult for us to achieve things in life. It's been said that men tend to get more attractive as they get older while the reserve is true for women. 
It saddens me, sometime. 
Regardless of all that, I believe it's very important for women to be in control of your own life and put your happiness above everything else. No one should ever come in your life and tell you what you should do and don't. We women should find ourselves, understand ourselves, and love ourselves. 

SK-II video promotes a feminist approach to change by encouraging women to love ourselves and stay empowered to live the way they want to live. We have all felt the societal pressure at some point, however no woman should feel pressured to follow the norm and we all have the power to #ChangeDestiny

#INeverExpire, so do you. 

June 23, 2017

4D3N Taipei Girls Trip - Travel Now & Pay Later with Traveloka & Maybank

Sometimes you get so caught up in life that you almost don't see your girlfriends for a month or two. So every year we try to plan a girls trip to keep everyone together and spend some quality time. This year, we went to Taipei in April missing Jane and Bunny. I always believe travelling once in a while is healthy. It helps to distract yourself from the bustling city, recharge and go forward again. 

Since Raya is around the corner, I was thinking to go for a short getaway. Where do you guys have in mind? 
Speaking of holiday destinations, Traveloka is now having weekly hotel and flight promotions to wide range of domestic and international destinations in the month of Ramadhan. They have also partnered with Maybank to offer 0% installment plans for all Maybank credit card holders. Bookings with a minimum transaction of RM500 are eligible for the 6-month plan, meanwhile the 12-month plan is valid for bookings that are at least RM1,000 in total. Now we all can travel to our dream destinations, and pay later. You may visit Traveloka for bookings. These amazing deals are available across all of Traveloka's platform whether on the mobile app, desktop or mobile websites. 

Should I visit Taiwan again during Raya holiday? :p

Back to my Taiwan trip, it was just about eat, drink, sleep and repeat. 
We did some touristy thing on the first day because it was LengLeng and Liza first time in Taipei. We went to JiuFen which is known for the narrow alleyways of its old town, packed with teahouses, street-food shacks and souvenior shops. 

Every night we tried to cover a new speakeasy bar. In total, I only managed to cover 2 bars - R&D Cocktail Lab and Alchemy. R&D is quite interesting as the owner do not believe in using garnish for their cocktails, while apart from having cute bartenders at Alchemy, it also won one of the top 50 best bars in 2016 with their great cocktails. 
R&D Cocktail Lab


Apart from bars, we also checked out their nightlife at Barcode and OMNI. 

Don't get us wrong, we do eat as well. This classic Taiwanese breakfast is a must try when in Taipei, Yong He Dou Jiang Da Wang (永和豆漿大王). The must try items include the salty soy milk, egg and sticky rice rolls filled with YouTiao and pork floss, and Shao Bing YouTiao. 

This Instagram-worthy tea shop, Shi Jian Tea (十間茶屋) is worth a visit too. 

If you are looking for shopping, I would suggest you to go East District than Xi Men Ding. Here is one of the coffee place, de Place where I met up with my Taiwanese friends. 

Desserts and interiors at Sugar Miss will easily keep you occupied for at least half an hour just to get the right flat lay shot.  

Thanks to ViVi who planned the itinerary for our Taiwan trip, now let me check out Traveloka to get some great deals for this Raya holiday. 

May 10, 2017

Beauty boost by Rachel Chew Clinic

I want to share with you all about my second experience with Rachel Chew clinic. I have been with Dr Rachel for about 3 years now. 

I normally visit the clinic once a month to do Skinartesse facial laser treatment. It helps to plump, brighten and hydrate your skin in overall. I find it works magically on my uneven skin tone, whenever I came back from a beach holiday. 

Besides the skin laser facial treatment, Dr Rachel is known for her Skinartesse treatment - an aesthetic treatment that helps to enhance your face in overall. One thing I love about her is she gives the best advise on how to enhance your overall beauty in the most naturally looking way. So fret not, you wouldn't come out from the room by looking like a totally different person. 

I did a touch up on my nose and chin, and here is a before & after picture. (Picture provided by Rachel Chew clinic 2 years ago) 

 Some may ask how long will these fillers last? 
There is no specific time as it varies among individual's lifestyle. Some can last for 1 year or 2, some can only last for 6 to 8 months. Some of my advise if you are doing fillers, avoid going to sauna, smoke and drink lesser will help to have longer effect. 

Apart from the lifestyle, you should always check with doctor about the brand and quality of the filler before you perform any treatment. I heard too many news about clinics mixing water or unknown substances into the fillers just to make more money. So please be very careful when you are selecting your aesthetic clinic. 

Some of my shameless pictures highlighting my side profiles after Skinartesse treatment. Super happy with the results :) 

If you have any enquires, call them up as they are always packed with appointments. Consultation is free of charge :D

D3-G4-8, Publika, Solaris Dutamas 1,
Jalan Dutamas 1,
50480 Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia
Phone: 03-2857 4455 
Email: enquiry@skinartclinic.com

May 8, 2017

Coldplay's A Head Full Of Dreams Tour @ Singapore

Reminiscing Coldplay concert I went last month. It was truly one of the most amazing concert experience I ever have. If you haven't catch them live, you shall catch their world tour before it ends. Thanks to The Westin Hotel Singapore for putting a roof over my head during this trip. 

Here are some of the amazing spots at The Westin Hotel Singapore during my staycation. How can one not fall in love with its lobby? I also manage to try the gym and pool facilities. These are something that I look into when it comes to hotel selection.

While in Singapore, eat and drink like Singaporen. Popping by this Shop Wonderland cafe which is so Instagram worthy at every corner. 

I have multiple food orgasm while having lunch at Lolla. Known for its uni pudding, you should also try the rest of the dishes like soft egg with chorizo sausage, chutoro tartare and grilled avocado. My brother recommend to make reservation in advance as they are always packed during dinner time, so perhaps you can come during lunch to avoid the crowd. 

My blood. I'm so happy to watch Coldplay's concert with him, eat good good with him, party and get drunk with him. #siblingsforlyfe
Thank you Singapore for the good times. Can't wait to visit you again in June, more food & drinks suggestion perhaps?