1st NO.
He don't drink either milk, tea or coffee but i wonder why his teeth still yellowish! @@

2nd NO.
He don't ever smoke before and as in future. So healthy MAN!

3rd NO.
He don't drink! HEALTHIER than me, ohmygod!

4th NO.
He of course don't take drugs. Such a good boy right? *clapclap*

5th NO.
He never say no MOM. ohmygod x 100!!! FILIAL PIETY here^^

6th NO.
He never wipe his back after showing, Is that so difficult or u just want me to help u ? lol~

7th NO.
He don't eat cuttle fish except the fried one. Weird right? because i love cuttle fish what!

8th NO.
EWWWWWW, KFC! It never will be his choice because the burgers and french fried really sucks + i hate KFC too!

9th NO.
He is not a NOKIA FAN as everyone knows he is using all MAC gadget! *sony ericson is second alternative choice*

After the last post should be updating my celebration pics but piepie and ivan still haven't pass me the pics, THAT'S WHY THAT'S WHY!
Here's some recent bad news, first my c905's speaker gt problem, my business communication haven't done yet: resume, cover letter & group presentation, english reading skill haven't finish, my closet seems so outdated, can i get new clothes? my skin is allergic to, probably the air in kl....all sorts of small matters just annoying me..AH-HHHHH
till here,

PS : Lots of NOs waiting for me, isn't it?