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Friday, April 23, 2010

我的BB & YSL.

10個月的禮物.*還有hellopanda, 請自己想像畫面*
香水是花的味道, 感覺很放鬆. 以前搽慣了Escada和Dior, 两種都偏甜感覺比較少女. 會選用這一瓶的原因是我早已對它情有獨鐘. 那花香, 在好久以前就記得了.
黑berry, 我等到了. 原本一心要賣iphone, 結果還是抵擋不住朋友的慫恿去買了BB. 不過本人BBM暫時不能使用, 全怪那白痴Digi服務人員把我的plan搞錯了, 還需等待24小時才能啟動. *不開心*

禮物, 我好喜歡. 謝謝你, 媽咪和爸比. 你們.
Wednesday, April 14, 2010


路, 非常多.
只要有能力毅力, 必定能到達終點站. 人的能力有限, 人的毅力會受影響, 此刻的我怎麼做?
一, 我憤怒
二, 我哭.
三, 我大聲哭.
哭好了, 問題並沒有解決. 我打給他; 發洩發洩發洩! 情緒是平復了許多, 不過問題還是沒有化解.
等, 等明天.
Saturday, April 10, 2010


The Beat Is by ALPHABEAT - lastest album in my itune library. Alphabeat was formed during Summer 07 with members of Anders SG, Stine Bramsen, Anders B., Rasmus Nagel, Anders Reinholdt and Troels Hansen. Their sound is mainly retro 80's melodic pop, taking inspiration amongst others from British bands Deacon Blue and Prefab Sprout, with distinctive overlays of male and female harmonies. If you ain't believe their glamor, they were currently the support act for LADY GAGA on her U.K & Ireland leg of The Monster Ball Tour, taking place in February and March 2010.More information about Alphabeat, kindly click BBC for details.
Saturday, April 10, 2010

Liza the Love...

生日快樂快樂, liz寶貝. 知道你很開心幸福, 希望你一直都是. 禮物忘了到出門*不好意思*, 答應你下次聚會一定給你^^. 我們不是每天都都見面聊天, 不過我們是每天都記得有彼此的關心. 友情會持續攀升, 我相信.

PS : Liza, if you need any translation please seek VV for inquiry. HAHA!
Thursday, April 01, 2010


People often calls girls as BITCH because of their immature, brainless and fucking acting or speaking way.
The paper above which was written by 1 of my housemate, is considered a BITCH i guess.
First, she stole my hanger which i only knew after i came back from Thailand and she ate my other housemates food without permissions. ARE U REALLY SO POOR TO GET FOOD? BITCH!
As what mentioned in the paper, she did apologized, SO WHAT? She even cried in front of my roommate while apologizing in the MIDNIGHT ( bedtime, please don't disturb!!!!). She bought a new hanger and the food for us (me and my roommate) but my roommate didn't accept! The point is she had already returned my hanger what for she buy another exactly the same one for me. I feel like THROWING THAT HANGER INTO THE RUBBISH BIN! *i didn't at last*
I'm here to tell you, Monash Uni has you as their student is a SHAME, BIG SHAME! Ask yourself, can you really finish your medi degree by adopting a SHIT habit like this? LOOK AROUND YOUR ROOM, there are tons of germs and bacteria that affecting your studies, PLEASE DON'T EVEN BOTHER OUR NOISES! YOU'RE THE ONE WHO MAKE YOUR LIFE SO MISERABLE!!! BIATCH!!!!CLEAN YOUR MIND BEFORE U EVEN WRITE TO US!

PS: Forgive my rudeness, just once. Thankieww!