Mai babes are complaining why i haven't upload the pictures and update the post about LizaLim's birthday. So here it comes, i finally squeeze some time to edit the pics and blog in ENGLISH purposely for her. Here's the birthday girl with her birthday cake. *Why there's Twin towers on her head? LOL*

Before she blows the candle, rolling back the moment why we all end up at Luna Bar instead of Sky Bar. Reason is that aged below 21 is not allowed to enter unless accompanied by parents. WTH rule i have to said.
Luna Bar was not a bad idea after all, just that girls should avoid wearing skirt as the wind might lift it up and you'll be the next Marilyn Monroe yet not elegant one. ( * O * )'''

Ka-chat, Ka-chat, Ka-chat, is CAMWHORED time!!
Yea yea yea, my specs! <( ~ . ~ )>

Me with the birthday girl.

Wondering what she's holding in her hand?
Our present for her. We knew you'll like it.

Janie with her Hottie hairstyle, Me with my Kiddie bangs! I want be Hottie too~~ ( ' _ ' )

Candy aka LengLeng with me.
Forgive my not-ready post. ( > . < );;

Here's a better one! *wink*

Me and mini VV. Glad that you can make it, been missing you so much. \\( ^ 3 ^ )//

Picture of the night, dedicated to Bunny!! LMAO


You know who's that Sexy back? *blush*

We were having pizza fever that night and the middle one is cocktail which i've forgotten its name. Overall, the food tasted pretty good. 

Glad to have you in my life. To love, to care, to pamper, to share, to listen, to hear. We heart you like we  always do. Once again, Happy Birthday my baby girl

Gonna end this post with my stoning face. Been drowning into THE-HECTIC-UNI-LIFE lately, assignment assignment are waiting for me, OHMYGAWT! 
See u guys soon in my Mandarin post

PS: Can't wait for Hennessy Artistry this weekend.