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Saturday, May 28, 2011

HongKong Day 2.

Hello guys, it's weekend! What you all up to? Probably go for shopping and down partying tonight? 
Sigh, i'm staying at home even during weekends. Boyfriend has been complaining about the quality time we always have spent during weekends. ( > . <..)
MYASSIGNMENTS SUCKS, but currently i'm working on a video editing process. It's quite fun though. 
Shut the assignment for a while, wanna to share with u all about my 2nd day in Disneyland.

My huannie and I camwhoring before heading to breakfast. 

Did i mention it was a buffet breakfast? And the taste was SO-SO.

Restaurants there are all about mickey-head. Me love it~ \\(  )//

Even the flip-flop has the disney on it~

Second day in Disneyland with a Stitch on my head.  ( ^  ^ )Y

Group picture with Daisy. 

Mickey and Minnie

Chipmunk Chipmunk~

Managed to capture Mickey and Pluto while we are sitting on a tuh-tuh-train. 

My lover, Winnie the Pooh

Sorry, it was not Zac Efron and Vanessa Hudgens singing on stage.

Huannie said i pose so dumb here. Am i ? 

The pose he claimed to be very nice-looking from his back. \\( - _ - ''')//

Something similar to dumbo flyer. 

We settled our lunch at a western restaurant.

Muai caesar salad and mushroom soup. Phailed.

Bolognese pasta.  

After lunch, it was time for Disney's Parade of Dreams.
Getting the right spot to capture the cartoons. 

There were these kids to be dressed like princesses and arranged to sit on the comfy cushions. So KAWAI~

First was Dumbo.

Mickey's family.

My piglet waving at me

Then the princesses. You guys may want to pay attention on their hair. When they are adjusting their hair, the whole wig moves together with it and it looks real scary. HAHAHAHA

Hmm...What's this? LOL

Children now still familiar of Lion King? I miss this.


My childhood cartoon, Lilo & Stitch!

Buzz Lightyear costumes.

Jessie's eyes looks huge! ...( X _ X )...

The 3 aliens. Whoooooo~~~

Toy Story's characters.

Parade ended, and we continued heading towards The Small World.

3 of us while took the boat touring the Small World.

The shooting game in Buzz Lightyear's world. He was so excited about it and we played it twice. 
\\( ^ . * )Y

His Level-3 score. 

We stayed until 830 to re-watch the Magical Lights and Fireworks. AWESOME! 
Me looking tired in this picture. ( > m < )

Dinner at Studio Lounge. You'll really fall into deep sleep in here provided the softy-comfy sofa and the LCD movie. I almost did. 

Waitress even gave us mickey-shaped ketchup, if you guys believe it? \(  ^ p ^ )/

That was all for my Disneyland post. Stay tune for more upcoming trips post. 
Gotta get back to video editing. Bye~

PS: Singaland in June? 
Thursday, May 19, 2011


你想念當年的天真無邪, 無憂無慮嗎? 你想念當小孩的幸福嗎?
人長大了, 就得面對各種問題, 接受俗事眼光, 承受壓力.
真的喘不過氣時, 就流淚.
淚流干了, 也就累了. 
再累都好, 女生一定要堅強, 勇敢的站起來重新開始. 
只要咬緊牙撐一下下, 就能看見彩虹. \\( ^ o ^ )Y

首先是起床后的嚴重頭痛, 加上花了7小時寫的報告因為沒save而泡湯, 然後白白花了3小時再次趕完相同的報告, 搞得最後沒能溫書.  
你叫我怎麼能不哭. ( >> . << )...


PS: I want to go MTV WORLD STAGE, free ticket anyone?
Tuesday, May 17, 2011

HongKong Day 1.

Do you guys realize you tend to look totally different or maybe slight different from last month by seeing your fb pictures tagged by your friends?
I DO!  I've an urge to untag all my last year or even last month pictures which my face was so chubby! Yes, it looks like i've done plastic surgery to sharpen my face when i browsing my pics. *sobs* 
In fact, i wish i could have the courage to do so. Or maybe it's just about the money money money. Uhmmm......OK, I DON'T HAVE BOTH! *slap myself into reality*
*swallowing saliva*
I'm going to show you a picture of mine in last year May.
Saw my big round face with black curled-hair! OMAIGOD, feel like punching my face! Sorry if it offends you. ( > O < )

After the O-shaped complain, let's get into the topic of HongKong trip i went 2 months ago! Readers, I apologize for the overdue. ;;( m . m );;
My hair, my eyes, my face posed so wrong in the early morning! Bad timing to camwhore. 
Boarding = boring = camwhoring. 

Huannie boy and his baby girl

What's so good of taking other air flights except AirAsia
No doubt, the comfortability of the seats and TV programmes that matter. Your backbone is so going to break after sitting 45degree straight for 3 hours on AA! Oppsss Oppsss Oppsss.

It was already noon when we arrived, check-in Hollywood hotel and ready to explore Disneyland. *leap in the air*

Three-circle everywhere~

Have i mentioned this is my first time going HK Disneyland? Thanks huannie boy to bring me~~
Do you realize i actually look taller in this picture? Even in real it happens that people thought I'm taller than him, but we are both same height. ( ~ . ~ '')

My all time lover - Winnie the Pooh during Disney Parade \\( ♥ . ♥ )//

Stay tune for more pictures of Disney characters in upcoming post. 

Next stop, AdventureLand! 

90's classic character, Lion King. The show was presented in two language, English and Cantonese. I only manage to capture two clear pictures as there was a lot of dancing and talking session when I had been very concentrating on. 

Uhh-Ohh part came when we were having our early dins in some so-seen Malaysian food restaurant. It turned out either tasteless or too salty. 

The narrator explained in Mandarin with strong Cantonese accent, which made us LOL while we were taking the cruise. 

The most synthetic snake i ever see. ( O o O )'' There are elephants, giraffes, monkeys and other animals that i didn't manage to capture. Skip this part if you are here, it really bores you.

Forgot the name of this evil spirit. Anyway, it was not important.
Overall, the cruise was too kiddo for me.

Kiddo games like Flying Dumbo was fun. I think I'm too old for roller coaster, i can't bear the bumping-throwing-flying-screaming. SO NOT MY GAME! \\( * p * )//

There was a special Tinker Bell Illumination for the 50th Anniversary of DisneyLand. We were sitting in front of the castle half an hour earlier to get the best view and it was worthy.

It was a dream came true

Illuminations was then followed by Fireworks ceremony. No pics of fireworks as my LX3 sucks. Or maybe I'm sucks as i've no idea how to change the setting to take motion pictures. Anyone familiar with the setting, do drop comment~

Hope you guys enjoy reading and I gtg back to assignments.

PS: Missing HongKong.