It's Flyday Flyday Flyday, i should be having fun right now! But I'M NOT! Flyday or weekends make no different to me, assignments have to be kept on track. This time, no should be every time I want to do better! ヽ(`Д´)ノ

Now, let's continue my APRIL HK trip. Oppsss, overdue again! 
Morning after checking out from Hollywood hotel, heading out for brunch.

Crystal Lotus has the signature Disney dim-sum which strongly recommended by Jane, but it wasn't that good as i thought. Hmmm....chef's problem maybe.

These are the dim-sum we have ordered.

Caught chicken little on my hand. HOHO~~ \\( ^ o ^ )//

Like grandma like grandson. Little Bryan is excited about these cutie dim-sum~~

Maybe next time we should try to stay at Disney Hotel, the decoration is much more princess-like. One of the deco i captured while passing the corridor. Not bad huh!

And here we come, HONG KONG CITY! Yeeehaaa~~~~~

 Legging of the day. Bought it from Bkk, likey. \(  )/

First stop at Comme getting my black heart series tee. 

Then food-noming time again. 

Huannie strongly recommends their roasted goose. It's really mouth-watering!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Girls should practice how to eat this kind of marinated ginger, i mean all kind of ginger. It's help in reducing and comforting your menstruation pain. TRY IT! *why am i talking about MS here? ( ・o・) Anyway it's a real effective cure!*

One of the dishes we order.

If you are Milk-Milky-Milk freak, don't you miss out this restaurant!

Have no idea how to call this in English, but is named 雙皮燉奶 in Mandarin. *DROOLS* Its texture is like a pudding, but there's two layers which make the name of it. Friend said its origin is from Macau, maybe i should go Macau next time!

Taaddaaaaa, this is my only friend in HK. Thanks babe for bringing us to hunt those good food, ILY

Last stop at Harbour View. 

Me and Su Ann. ヽ(´▽')/

Before ending my post, here's the things i got that day. Pretty satisfied especially the JillStuart and Comme tee. (ΘεΘ;)Y

Stay tune for my last post in HongKong. Bye~

PS: Singa-land next week? Hmm...