Yellow readers~ It's been dayssssssss i haven't write a single post of my life! So occupied by classes, outings and my puppy. 
His fur might look slightly different from a toy poodle, but we doesn't want him to feel ugly when he looks himself in the mirror. So,we decided not to shave it. Sayang my woody boi ~(  ^ 3 ^ )//

When u stuck too long in a city, is good to have a gateway during weekends. I did mine last 3 months. LOL. Feel so outdated to even write on this, just wanna share, don't judge. 
Picture taken outside the hotel.

Went the trip with the Ooi's. Family love

It was all about food and shopping when u came Singapore. Nothing much to do in this small city, no, i mean a country.
Went Tea Loft Cafe during tea time. 

Their banana cake is decent~

Not forget to grab TWG's macaroons. Yummy ( ^ m ^ )Y

Then the Cold Stone ice cream!!!!!!! I personally think that it tastes better than Haagen Dazs, OPPPPSSS. No offense.

Huannie and me camwhored while waiting for my brother.

The one and only beloved brother

Boys acting fun while waiting for the food to be served. My huannie's expression was epic!!! ( O _ O'')

Famous charcoal fishy steamboat in Singapore.

Lots of memories in this dessert restaurant. They still have long queue after so many years.

Finally got a table for us.

Their famous.

Our BOOTY!!!

Before getting home, we went CANDY WORLD outside Universal Studio.

Bye Singapore at last. We'll be back for H&M outlet!!!