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Mummy always says, "My daughter is like married to Kay Elle city. U're spending most of the time there than with me." I feel terribly sad at first I heard, I should have done better. (‘╯o╰’ ) Brother has been working in Singapore, Daddy often outstations, leaving Mom alone at the hometown. Sounds even lonelier. ( 'Q _ Q' ) But since then, I really appreciate every moment I spend with my family, even a phone call from my parents would warm my heart. Just wanna say, I love my family more than anything

Here're some previous moment we spent while Mom stopped by KL last few weeks. 
Me and my brother gave a surprise. We knew she was merry. ‵(*∩_∩*)′

After spending whole day at Pavilion and we were resting at the hotel room.

Huannie boy was with us\( ̄︶ ̄)/ 

Me and my huannie boy

Brought Mom and Brother to savor some finger-licking local food at Petaling Street. 
Siu Yuk noodles.

Fried dumpling. 

The-must-have-dessert in town. 

Tou Fu Hua series.

They were discussing real serious issue HU(+_+)? 

Two bois!

Two gals. My mom stays young forever okay!!

And us, happy family

Next morning, first stop at Paparich for their toast! Brother loves it.

Does we look alike?

Then we went KLCC Ben's for our late lunch. Please don't misunderstand, we did some shopping before we continued this food-trip.

Ben's house salad is included in my MUST-HAVE list. ( ^ o ^ )Y

Brother with my fav salad.

His favourite. I forgot what this called.

Again he was with my fav red velvet cake. Recommended dessert!!

My brother loves to ask people(sister) to take picture of himself. (@__@'') Readers, do you agree with me?

OK, i think i love camwhoring too. q( ‵▽′ )p



With muai beloved Mummy

We talked a lot in that evening. First time Mom sharing her childhood stories with both of us. She was too sentimental to have her tears rolling in her eyes. Mom, whatever happens has passed. Dad loves you, Brother loves you, Me loves you. \\( ^ 3 ^ )

One cutest thing about Mom is that she insists having nail colour with her toenails even she was in KL. She just can't wait for any seconds more to leave the toenail plain and naked. Ahhh, women~~

Last stop of the 2nd day, Traders Hotel's rooftop SkyBar.

The archetypal image of Mom taken by me to prove we had been here that night. HAHAHAHA ㄟ( ̄▽ ̄ㄟ)

Mom posed like a usual clubber. Don't tell Dad about this @(一 m 一)@SSHHHHHHHHH

We ended our night here. Breathtaking view, relaxing environment. Deffos will come next time! 

Xoxo readers.
When you are growing up, you start meeting many people. People stay, people leave. But those heartfelt friends stay even when time goes by. I was having my second pre-celebration with these bestie aka Firecracker sisters. The FIRECRACKER SISTERS was named by a friend in high school, symbolizes our enthusiasm in having non-stop conversation everywhere we go. Trust me, we can talk a lot!!! 

Back to the celebration topic. Being dragged by my girls in the early morning to have the birthday brunch in Sushi Tei.

These two girls

The food was served. YUMS ㄟ( ̄▽ ̄ㄟ)

One of the best thing about Firecracker sisters is that we give handmade cards to each other during their birthdays. So I was the lucky one that day. ︵(@ ̄︶ ̄@)︵
Obviously this was from ForeverYoung Stella Chong Hui Ming

Her self-proud design. =_______=

Her words.

This is from our SMARTEST girl, TING LING MING. I was impressed with the green colour envelope you have chosen. ..(*)_(*)..

Her design.

With my lovely babe

Dessert at Moo Cow after the delightful sushisssss. 

Again krat-cha krat-cha krat-cha......



The epic moment came when we were about to get into the car. Yes, the surprise has totally phailed because I'm too smart to know what you all will give me. HAHAHAHA~\\(^0^)/~

It's a HUGE Smurfette!!!

I was shocked when I saw it was a Smurfette. What can I say, my girls are just too cute to think I love Smurfs as they do. Fellow babes, my one and only love will be Winnie the Pooh
And guess what I received after a couple of days?
Letter all the way from Adelaide
Thank you my dear Lo Siew King, one of the member of Firecracker sisters.

It was a stake of photographs we taken these years. 

The amazing thing was the words she wrote on every back of the photos. So touched.

Lastly, a card sent by Mr. Wong. His picture remain unrevealed, but if you read my blog constantly i did post his picture before. Try to dig back the older post my friends. 

Handmade card is irreplaceable

Once again, thank you all my Firecracker sisters and Mr. Wong.(* ∩_∩ *) 
You guys will always be the best thing I ever have in my life. Love ya'll as much as the outer-space shining stars.
Mwah (* ' 3 ' *)