Holaaaa, you guys probably be frustrated while reading the title of this post. National Day, SO OUTDATED! Wonder why I bother update National Day post, because I want to share with my readers every precious moment i spent even though it's 2 months ago. *perasannn*
Me and the boyfie with another 2 couples spent our National Day at Penang island. Was about to have a secret mission to surprise one of my babe, ViVi Soong. But it wasn't successful when we planned to bump into her at her workplace which happened to be her off-day. OppssyOpppsy, so failed. o( ^ p ^ )o

And our journey begins......

Skipped the Day-plan because no much pictures were taken and we just went for food-hunting. So here comes the Night-plan at QEII.

We were camwhoring at the hotel room before party rock! \( ̄▽ ̄)\~/( ̄▽ ̄)/
I'm sexy and I know it.  /(o ^O^ o)\ 

Boyfie and me me me

Miki's sweet outfit with her juicy lips, OHYEAH~

Spotted our babe in Penang? The first from the right.

Penang gang!

The sweetest couple, our exclusive tour guide in Penang. └(^o^)┘

Huannie's epic expression! HAHAHA

Wanna see something even epic than my hubby's expression, →_→)



He made our night!

With my moJOJOJO


My girl Vivi

Always HOT Mama!

Janie the love.

Her hubby, his baby.

Both hottie.

VV and Caryne!

Those sexier ever legs to end our National Day countdown night! \( ̄︶ ̄)/

Of course not forget to pay a visit to ze famous steamboat restaurant. 

Opening hours.

Supper yumyums

The following morning at the hotel room. 

Huannie boy with his fav Super shades ((★ o ★))Y

The bros.

Mr.Loongkei and his wifey.

Feeling fresh!

Loongkei in The Trolley Adventure. HAHAHAHA

Chilling time with Penang Kia.

We girls got nothing else to do except camwhoring.( >_<||| ) 

After Gurney, second round dinner at some seafood restaurant which i've forgotten the name and third round here we came Bora Bora.

If only KL city has a city surrounded.

Berkinstocks VS Havaianas! 

Last picture with my love. We'll visiting you soon.
All and all.