Say hi to my long-lost bangs. ( ̄y▽ ̄)╭ Chic enough to catch your eyes? I apologized for the quality picture above because it was stole from Mandy's facebook page, Keep Calm and Snap on, very inspiring page. In case, you you or you whoever have not noticed, she is very talented in taking her own style of pictures. Love her and give her some support at her page

So wassup my readers, is another festive season coming.  Ready to wear some RED HOT outfit to rock 2012 CNY! Came back to Sibu on Thursday, met my family and my friends. Had so much catch-up and updates from each others, and now finally have some time for me to BLOG ( ′ ﹀ ‵)Y! Me always loves Chinese New Year because it gifts a good chance for us to reunion and again feel blessed and loved. *indulgence in love love love*

Here, I'm sharing some loves of mine last month in HK-MACAU.
First thing first after touched down, we went to Yung Kee restaurant for their roasted goose and perserved egg.


His OS, <( ‵皿′)╯<( ‵皿′)╯<( ‵皿′)╯I WANT MY ROASTED GOOSE!!!

Not enough, see it TWICE!!!! Slurrrrrrppppp, irresistible. 

YOU WILL NEVER FIND THIS QUALITY TASTE AT ANY OTHER PLACE. This is so far the best i've eaten, thumbs up!

Next stop, Harbour city. By the time we arrived, most of the boutiques are closed. There was nothing much to capture, so we took picture of cartoon characters display at the walkway. Pretty cute indeed ;;( ̄︶ ̄);;

Ooi's mummy with her grandson.

My baby boy

Me and the princess character display. 

Street deco outside Harbour city.

Last stop we went for dessert somewhere around Tin Hao area.
This dessert restaurant was visited by various local artists, but I don't find their food very recommending.

Ordered Tao Fu Fa. Familiar pot, if you watch HK drama - When Heaven Burns.


The reason me and boyfie travelled so far is to meet my friend, Chery Seow!
Hot chick sucking spicy fishball. o( ㊣ _ ㊣ )o

My lady.

Happy to meet her in HongKong, teehee\\( ^ ω ^ )//
And yeah, we back to hotel room started to pack what I had bought on the first day.
(* ̄▽ ̄)/‧★*"`'*-.,_,.-*'`"*-.,_☆,.-*'`"*-.,taaaddaaaa~~~
Bras and undies from Peach John are loves. Big love

Last picture for this post, my camwhored portrait.

Stay tune for my next post, and HAPPY DRAGON YEAR my friends.