Still devouring yourself in Chinese New Year holiday? Is gonna end so wake up! 
Want more holidays? Yes, coming next Monday will be holiday replacement of Prophet Mohammad's birthday and Tuesday will be Thaipusam. HurraayyyHurrayyy~~~

This post will be about Foster The People concert which held last month in KLCC. Went there after work, I remembered the horrible jam almost made us late!   

With my huanie boy playing camwhore in car

The bois.
Nicoholic aka Nicklaus Lau and Huannie.

The girls.
Evangeline Yan and me~

Couple posing awkwardly in front of cam. ~~( ̄▽ ̄)

Nico were trying to seduce my boi? Triangle love.◑▂◐)

A normal one. <( ̄︶ ̄)>

After a number times cheering, they finally showed. Apologized of my pictures quality and most the pictures I took is Mark Foster, no i should say every single pictures is Mark Foster.

He is very talented in case you guys doesn't know. Mark plays vocals, keyboards, piano, synthsizers, guitars, programming and percussion. *claps*

I was standing at the front row, but I guess it was not good enough because when people standing in front of you trying to put their hands up and it blocks your view. (≧▂≦ )

This is Cubbie Fink.

Sweat much, but we enjoyed!


Let's continue.

Look at the cam and phones!

Rolled it.

The crowd, WOW!

They were dead tired after 3 hours standing and jumping.

Picha taken after the concert with Yan

Last picture during the concert.
Had much fun at the concert. Don't consider the fat lady jumping in front of us shaking her butt like nobody business*OMG*, people squeezing each other rubbing shoulders*OMG*, and some idiots lighting up their cigarettes while the concert is going on*OMG*. Overall, it was UHHH---SUMMMEEE listening Mark singing live! 
Now i'm wondering if i want to go Avril's concert in March.
Till then, xoxo.