The chic-est, fashionable twins' birthday bash was held last month at Teeq restaurant. Perched on Lot 10's 18th floor, Teeq is sleek, spare and stylish.

The dining place was decorated with balloons, creating romantic ambience.

While waiting for others to arrive *foreverlate*, taking some snapshots with the birthday girl.

A kiss for her

And guess who is coming back! VINCENT aka the panda. 

My boy and I

Cutie mama has come as well. 

Chef Kevin Cape's menu.

Baked fish. 

Lamb shank.

Some baked cheesy chicken *can't recall the name*

Seafood aglio olio.

Asian style fried rice.

After sumptuous din, it was time to sing birthday song for the twins. 

Never ending birthday song is our gang's norm! It seemed very unbearable to babe Evangeline. Hahaha

Girls' group pictures.
Random one.

Twins' babes gang!

Longtimenosee daphne girl.

My babe VV

Sweetie Jane.

Her favourite man, Nic. 

Once again, happy birthday to both of you.