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It's been a year I joined fashion bazaar!
This Sunday "Say What You Want, Say What You Will" fashion bazaar will be happening at Publika Square! There will be album showcase and live bands performances, so BE THERE!
The event starts from 2pm to 9pm, locates at level G2 near to Ben's or San Francisco Coffe. Further details, click on Say What You Want, Say What You Will Facebook for further details.

I'LL HAVE A BOOTH selling my pre-loved goods, some new arrivals clothing, accessories, cosmetics, and masks. Thanks Bell for organizing this OOOO-SUMMM event, love max.
Pay a visit and support me ok? *wink* Best if you bring along your friends, relatives, girlfriends, boyfriends, etc....
See you there
Chilly Monday just like i've when i was in Bali. NOCLASS day allows me to continue writing on my Bali trip. 
It was the 4th day in Bali, we decided to stay in for another sunbathing by the pool. 
Bikini on!

Boyfie' OS: 'Dafuq, i've no HOT BOOODY to show off!' :p

One of the best thing at the pool - water slides!


The hotel has jacuzzi pool as well! Seemed Bryan and Coco enjoyed much here. Wheeee~~

Some vain pictures by the pool side. XD


After a swim, underlying a palapa, sipping a cold drink and gazing at the ocean. Syoknya~

Brushed up myself a bit. 
Wearing a one-piece dress from Roxy pairing with beach hat and Naraya tote bag.

Me and little Bryan. 

With le boyfriend

The boys looking exhausted after playing water sports the whole morning. 

Me and Coco.

Simply had our late lunch settled at a typical tourism-must-go restaurant. Not so good.
My order - typical indonesian fried rice.

Had a walk along Kuta beach after makan.

Wind blew strongly.........

My sexy back!

Chilling at Starbucks @ Discovery mall.

Wheat cream is love. *wink*

Our driver brought us to a chinese restaurant called LaoTa where many locals would go.

Dished to be served.

Their famous fish soup.

Steamed fish.
They are famous of their fish congee. But we did not order because we only realize after we finished eating. *facepalm*
Some reminders: Make reservation before you come. The waiters are not really friendly and they do not  understand English. Do bring friends or family who know how to speak Malay.

That's probably the ending of my Bali vacation. Next day morning we flew back KL.
Wore "I  BALI" tee which i bought from a oleh-oleh shop.

Bye-bye Bali.
See you very soon.
Sunday, April 22, 2012


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wroof wroof, 送給全天下愛狗狗的人。
週末愉快, xx
上課的日子過得悠閒悠閒,沒啥兒壓力. 頻頻外出的我最近從朋友圈聽到很多八卦. 當然, 我不會缺德到在這裡公開討論, 就只是聊聊為何未婚生子成了90後最hit的話題. 真不知是女孩們太單還是太陰謀論;男孩們太衝動或太無知! 中學沒畢業, 工作不穩定,思想太天真,把結婚生小孩當作是附加的考題被逼要完成.
最算是父母有錢幫你們帶小孩,幫你給奶粉錢, 幫你小孩三更半夜換尿片
你們的人生也太沒出息了吧, 接受吾到咯
雖說生米已經煮成熟飯, 我還是不能允許這樣的劇情發生在我身上. 可能奉子成婚的趨勢一直都在, 只是我最近才發現. :s
話題到此. 來聊聊我的私服.
上衣是2011 H&M的冬裝,孩童系列. 不敢相信吧!金蔥到今年春夏還是很夯,必購單品之一.


簡約風,搭配Karen Walker墨鏡.
很就沒寫中文了, 有點生疏. * 應該沒有錯別字吧! :p*
想看我的每日私服, 關注我的instagram! TEEHEE~

It's another overdue birthday post that fell on February. Babe Leng has been nagging about her birthday pictures for so long :s Sorry babe, here IT IS

I wore a one piece dress paired with blingbling collar that day. Lovin' the collar as ornament.  

Birthday dinner was held at Palate Palette, Changkat. 

With the birthday girl, LengLeng. She always has the fairest skin among us, xx. 

Babe Liza is here as well. If you guys realize, there is actually a white thingy on my nose. I've no idea what's that and why no one tells me that night. x . x

Jane and her twins, Jia Nie. 

Yummilicious food was served after awhile of camwhoring sessions. 
 #1 Chicken chop.

#2 Sandwiches.

#3 Seafood spagetti. 

Whenever there are boys, we girls have entertainment. 

The fun didn't end here. 
Babe Leng get her face smashed into the birthday cake. HAHAHA

Then Miaomiao posed with his gross-ever cake stucked all over his teeth. 

OMG X 100000!!

Rewinded back to the scene before the birthday cake had not been smashed. 
Leng, you shouldn't have hold the cake! :p

After the cleaning, it was time to open her gifts. 

Wasn't a real Gucci after all. :p

A pressie from us. A real one. 

Fromnowon, it will be a lot a lot a lot a lot a lot of group pictures. Just scroll......

Jacqueline & Lily.

With my huannie boy

Sweetest love birds. 

Dolly Lily. 

Elysia girl.

Last picture with my babes.
I knew it might not be your happiest birthday celebration after the incident. I believe God has prepared a better one for you in future. Love you, xx.