Just finished "copy & paste" my political assignment! The China-Malaysia economy is driving me insane. Girls, you can understand me why i hate politic subject so much?!!! You know me right!!!
Knock fist! 

Was thinking to visit the newly opened TWG tea saloon & boutique @ Pavilion. Macaroons craves needa to be fixed! Must plan a high-tea session with my girlfriends. 
The last afternoon tea i attended was last month with a bunch of dudes @ Starhill Tea Saloon. 
Uncle Loongkei & Uncle Jason. 

Huannie boy.


With the mama & her little baby girl inside her tummy<3

First time trying Spanish CHURROS! It tastes like a softer version of our you tiao. Best eaten dipped in their special chocolate sauce. YUMS!

Mua lemongrass tea.
Speaking of tea, they don't do REFILLS! It's kinda disappointing as such luxury high tea saloon should have what normally cafe would provide.


We also ordered two versions of afternoon tea.
#1 English Afternoon Tea.

#2 Oriental Afternoon Tea.
Both tea sets do not impress me well, especially the oriental set with mixture of sushi, fritters and dimsum! Seriously, SUSHI?! Hopefully they can improve on their afternoon tea menu to attract more food hunters! Except for churros, others then that all failed to meet their high price high standard menu! 

Enough ranking.
I should go now, my baby boi needs me right now!
Love him day by day, x.
Have you ever own a pet? If no, you should now! They are too adorable