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A week away from my baby boy, missing him like cray cray

Today i'll introduce u guys a new place to hang out and shop in BKK. No more boring Chatuchak weekend market and Platinum mall. 
ASIATIQUE The Riverfront is an expansive open-air mall with river views and a cutting-edge ‘festival market and living museum’ concept. Fusing shopping, dining, culture and colonial-style architecture, it offers a pleasant experience for those in search of style and sophistication.

You can choose to take either a cab or boat to come here. Of course we choose to do in a more romantic way and also avoid the jam. Just hop on the free shuttle boat that runs regularly from the BTS Thaksin pier.

Some happy faces. :D

Why my JaneJane looks bit noob here! > , <''' But still noob in a cute way, XD

About 5 mins or more than that, we arrived.

Took some classic tourist shot!

Bringing you something new in Asiatique.

Because of its open air environment, local shoppers can bring their pet while doing the shopping. So goood~
See what i captured in the pet shop. Adorable right?

Pony fever!

Their pony collection :)

Ash Ash trying this Coco bubble milktea! > , < It's incomparable with Chatime. :o

Next time must come earlier to shop longer. The shops here are categorized according to sections, and i think we only walked 1/4 of the shops only! Definitely not satisfied, but anw we will come back!
That's a complete one for Day 3 in Bkk, enjoy reading.
Saturday, July 28, 2012

Morning Hearty Breakfast.

Ohai~ An old picture of me before i changed my hair colour. The current colour is much more purplish.  Don't get me wrong, not the mermaid purple dip dyed. My purplish is towards darker colour. Don't have the courage to dip dyed my hair like my friends did although it looks nice on them. But i don't think everyone can carry the fu. Saw some strangers at college, who did dip dyed that makes them look la-la. FYI, some readers might not know what's la-la. "La-la" is a Malaysian term to describe people who has gaudy or flashy appearance.
Ok.......end of this la-la topic.
Yesterday morning i made this hearty breakfast by myself.
Ahem ahem, maybe not by myself. :p My mom helped me a little by peeling off the kiwi skin.
The ingredients.
All you need is to add everything together! The portion i'm just casually measured. You guys can google it how to make. XD Sorry for being that irresponsible. :p Btw, you can replace kiwi with cherries or strawberries. It'll taste even better. Due to the lack of choices i have in Sibu, so i pick kiwi.

Taadaa, my homemade hearty breakfast. :)

Mama said, "Don't always eat outside food. Cook urself!" I'll try to do it more often in KL. Go for healthy eating habit! :)
Have to go facial now with mama Law.
Bye readers, xx
Day 3 in Sibu, went running errands with parents, had homemade hearty meals, nomed desserts twice a day, watched TV all day long. 
Free of crowd, free of noise, free of stress. Peaceful as always
Best to utilize this time is keep updating my bloggie. 
Morning look in BKK. Only realized my eyebrows were a big PHAILED after editing this picture! = . =''' TOO THICK liao~~

Evangeline yanyan morning look :)

Us. *wink*

Our perfect match, US flag vs British flag. (Y)

While waiting to set up...

Heading to Chatuchak weekend market for our brunch. 
Food to start off our shopping spree, XD

Snapshots in market. 

Street shots!

Snacks to munch on while shopping. 

Met my friend Chin, a local. Thanks for bringing us out to dine like a typical Thai will do. 

Food porn on-the-go. 
This appetizer was too good! I wish i could find this in Kay Elle. 

Spiciest dish i ever had in Thailand! Don't underestimate the greenish chili sauce

Good stuff! *thumbs up*

Steamboat in Bkk for the first taime :) The soup tastes like maggie chicken soup with egg. Not bad though.
This is the first part of our Day 3 and will continue second part in the next post because i'm going to introduce a hot new place to shop and chill! Stay tune<3
Good night, readers~