Wadddup readers, have you guys been missing me?
July 14th is a event-packed day! So many happening events are going on - MTV World Stage (which i have skipped), Nuffnang Blogopolis, Bon Odori 2012, Fat Boy Slim @ KL live, and Khalil Fong concert @ Genting. I don't know why i'm not attending any of them! Maybe it's because there is too many options to pick and i have decidophobia.
Guess where am i ended up?
Friend's private pool + bbq party! :D DOUBLE AWESOME right? At least i don't have to squeeze in the crowd. :p

Did i tell you guys my HELL DAY is officially OVER! *leaping in the air* I went shopping straight after my finals, stresses all letting out same as my cash! :o
Some pick up for July, silver sensation<3
FYI, the clutch is not new. Have been carried this few times. :p

Loving mua new sandals from Zara 
Been eyeing it before my finals, and when i went yesterday it was already on sales! Lucky to get it on a discount value. It comes with another striking pink colour, which is a hit item for SS too!

So this is how i bring it up! :)

That's all. 
Happy weekend, happy holiday everyone