Rise & shine my readers! I've been enjoying myself these few days with zero stress! xD Life is good without exams, and even better when u have something to be excited for. Hint hint, i'm going to a retreat this Thursday with huannie boy Stay tune for the sexay body pichas, perhaps in instagram! :p
It's mid week now, 2 more days to the TGIF! Just hang on a little more, and read my BKK post to de-stress! 

We touched down Bkk around evening. Massive jam in the city and best thing to do for girls - selca-ing
Went hotel, put our baggages, and went Siam paragon to fill our stomaches! 

Mos Burger we had :) 

Night in Bangkok!  


Mos burger was the 1st round, and we were up to 2nd round seafood dinner @ ChinaTown!
T&K Seafood! Don't go to the wrong seafood restaurant which is opposite T&K wearing pink or red uniform! T&K employees wear GREEN uniform!

Expression of irresistible food temptation.

On nom nom.... 


Burrrrp *rubbing stomach*

Went back hotel to meet up Miki mama and rest a while before the foot & body massage. 

All faces were like stoning! Sorry ash ash, you probably don't like this picture but i don't have much pictures to upload for first day. Forgive me > . <
Anw, that's probably our first day in Bkk. Kinda wasted half of the day because AA postponed our flight! Stewpid AA always not punctual, should not complain much because this is budget airline. :p 
Whateverrr, let's see how we well spent our following days in upcoming posts! 

Gotta go now, gonna do some shopping for my Thursday retreat! Hohoho~~