Been receiving lots of birthday wishes lately, i've to say my actual day falls on 16th. So is not yet a BELATED BIRTHDAY, more wishes to come. XD Ended my big celebration on Saturday before dawn, was a great great night spent with all the loves one around. Time schedule is a lil packed this week, so give me some time to update the full birthday post! *wink*

Speaking of the once-in-a-lifetime 21st birthday, i was expecting something BIG from my parents. Of course, i did hint my Mom a little about the gift i want. But i wasn't expected she will say a YES, and made my wish came true.

My ever-wanted gift
Look familiar? *titters*

I know you love my bag.

A close look of the studs. Rose gold hardware, Giant 21. I'm too lucky to get the last piece, as the Giant 21 was discounted earlier.

Choose a safer colour that goes with your everyday outfit. That's why i pick Antracite, rather than a classic Black. The hardware is multi-tonal, which gives an effect of different colours in different lighting.
Thank you my AWESOME mom for the AWESOME present. 
Love it maximums!