August 16, 2012

Retreat @ Golden Palm Tree Resort, Sepang.

Smizeeeee for a bright week and upcoming Raya holiday. For the long-awaited July gateway is going to be up now!
2 days 1 night @ Sepang Golden Palm resort for a retreat.

While waiting for check-in.
A kindly note for readers: don't come too early, the best check-in time is around 3 to 4 o'clock.

Riding in a buggy to our room. Feeling so excited, teehee<3 p="p">

Our room.

View outside the room.

Ready for sun bathing along the beach.

Likeaboss XD

Jumplikeakiddo! Brrrrrrr~

Happy moments

We went to the pool by the evening. Didn't expect the scenery would be so beautiful. 

1 hour distance from city to enjoy this peaceful moment, worthwhile.

My boi said it was too cold so he didn't want to get into the pool. =, ='''

Couldn't feel any beter indulging myself under this evening sky.

Heading back to room, ready for tonight's dinner.

Along the beach, there lies a collection of fancy restaurants and cafes. All about walking distance. *Sorry my camera pixel is bit cacat*

We picked Sunset Beach, formerly an Italian restaurant but now specializing in grilled food. 

Time to dig in!!!!!

I'm not a supper person but idontknowhy I have this habit to have instant cup noodles every time i stay at hotel.
After supper, is time to snoreeeeee~

What a day we spent at the resort. Stay tune for the part 2 @ Sepang Gold Coast! :)
Lastly, thank you huannie boy for everything.
Love you to bits and pieces

Once again Happiest 21st birthday to myself. I'm looking forward for tonight celebration with my boi~


  1. Hi,can i ask how much per night for the room?

  2. u can check online. i bought mine at :)

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  3. Hello, may I know the sun screen products that you are using is it nice? ( the one from Laneige ) Thank You :)

  4. Definitely a grand stay! Experience it yourself and more at YOUR getaway at the Golden Palm Tree Iconic Resort & Spa at a discounted rate of more than 50% – only RM 350 nett!! Visit and drop me a comment! Thank you!

  5. nice photos and description.. :)