Currently at the hospital now. Baby boi just done with his small operation, godbless. Got back from Singaland yesterday evening and headed straight to the hospital, pretty tired though. Wish i was still on sem break, but class has started and i've skipped 2 days classes. Nuuuuuuu!!!!

Boyfriend iz resting; me iz boring......zzzzZZZ 
Let's blog about my 21-st private celebration with my babes. 
Curled my long long hair that night, getting ready to the celebration.

Picked Marini's on 57, considered one of the new dining place in town.

Too bad we didn't manage to catch the sunset view. Foreverlate, bad habit!

But we're still able to experience a great night view of the city at a height of 57th-floor.

Fresh juices to quench our thirst. 

Starters, garden salad.

Mushroom cappuccino soup.

Main course, spaghetti with prawns for myelf :)
Orecchiette with duck breast and truffle oil.

Pan-fried chicken breast with mustard creamy porcini.

Braised lamb shank with mashed potatoes.

Pictures with our foods. I've to say both pastas are alright, and the sauce for chicken breast is good as well. Only their braised lamb was a disappointment, definitely not worth its price. Sorry if i'm too straightforward, justsaying what i thought. :p

The environment is designed to be luxury with spectacular view and also provides a laidback and relaxing chillout atmosphere. Not forget to selca before we left to the bar just right beside the restaurant.

Pictures of the bar's environment.
A closer view to the Petronas twin towers. 

We ordered four different flavours of mocktails: Marini's Breeze, SkyHigh, Marini's Virgin Mojito and Melow Sundown. Non-alcohol night! :D

While i'm sipping my mocktail, Liza babe asked me to help her capture the view. Pictures taken, I returned the phone to her. Then i was editing picture with my phone, and i didn't notice there was a surprise gift RIGHT IN FRONT OF ME! I was too dumb to only realize it after a minute, lol 

Taadaaa, my birthday gift from my girls

Love it so much<3 p="p">

Continue selca-ing all night long....

Lots of love from my babes that night. There was a brief interlude because babe LengLeng couldn't make it to the dinner, but i know your heart was with us so as babe Bunny who is at Aussie right now.

My coordinate of the night: floral corset from Bkk, skirt from Topshop, heels from Bkk and clutch from H&M.
End my writing here, gotta accompany boyfie now.