Hi readers, imma back with latest update of my Singapore gateway last 2 weeks. Went visit my brother and had some bonding time with Mama Law as well. Miss my family so much, especially when you are far away from home. :(
OK, back to topic: 1st day in Singaland!
Me and Mama Law supposed to go to the Old Hong Kong Legend for dim sum, but we couldn't find the restaurant after we got down from City Hall station. After walking around City Hall for dunnohowlong, we decided to go Somerset.
We ended up having brunch @ Ramen Play.

While waiting for our food. Can you see my mom is trying to capture my best shot? Lol, cute mom i have! :D

Time to dig in!
#1 Gyoza.
#2 Tonkotsu ramen with three treasures of Toroniku(braised pork cheek), Cha Shu (braised pork belly in char siew sauce) and Buta Kakuni (braised pork belly in special sauce).
#3 Chicken fried rice.

The main reason why i insist to go Somerset is because of the one and only H&M outlet in Singapore is there and some of the recommending dessert shops are around there as well.
While walking around Mandarin Gallery, we passed by a boutique displaying some art works!
Bearbrick in blue. 
Childhood biscuits.

After that, we went searching for sweet tooth! Dean & Deluca @ Orchard Central it was!

We both were so stuffed after the ramen, so we only ordered one for each. Definitely not enough for a pastry shop like this! Couldn't manage to try their All-day breakfast menu which is highly recommended! Must try next time! *food hunter passion*
We had cappuccino and earl grey tea!
Caramel cheesecake.
Tart; forgot the exact name of it.

Happily selca-ing and high tea-ing with mom whislt waiting my brother to knock off from work!

Last stop at the newly opened Gardens by the Bay.

These supertree-designed buildings are not plain buildings. They are fitted with environmental technologies that mimic trees to absorb sunlight and generate energy used for its function, like lighting. Pretty cool!!
Trio went taking a stroll along OCBC skyway with a height of 25-metre. Mom and bro were so freak up. Therefore, i don't have a cameraman to take of picture of me with these beautiful nightviews! Ish ish~
Found someone to capture our happy faces! :D
Another happy memories with my family. Miss them both, and of course my dad.
Wish i could stick to them every bits and seconds. Symptoms after you leave home for too long! :/
That's all for today update, good day ahead to you and all the families outthere!