This morning grumpy look! Stuck in the jam for one and half hour because a car crashed and those stupid drivers i dunno they were curious or whatever, they slowed down one by one and subsequently everyone just stuck on a bridge for freaking one hour and it took another half hour to turn to LDP highway. It usually takes only 3 or 5 mins to passby, i repeat 3 or 5 mins!!! Imagine how terrible this city is. *scream*

Anw, i went to visit a NGO today for my assignment. Did some interviews and recorded some videos on stroke patients. If you guys are interested, perhaps help me up with my assignment by clicking like on their FB page, NASAM. One thing I aware from this visit is that people at all ages can get stroke, even a baby in her mother womb. There is a real case in NASAM, a girl named Isabella aged 6 who is having a stroke.
Life is brutal.
It makes me realize how fragile a life can be. So please, love yourself more.

How do i love myself more?
Shopping, perhaps? lol
Love this navy blue leopard-printed in jeans material versus leather sleeve jacket and white peplum top from H&M.
Navy blue polka dot CDG from BIEN ONLINE STORE.

Oh-la-la, forgive my ridiculous shopping theory
Gotta back to assignment.
Nights readers, x